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The first question to start off with is what is vardenafil? These are pills designed to help men get and keep and erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. An erection occurs when a man is sexually stimulated. This sexual arousal releases the chemical, nitric oxide (NO) in the brain, which relaxes the smooth muscle tissues within the blood vessels in the penis. When relaxed, the blood vessels then widen and allow for blood to freely flow through so that it can fill the open spaces in the penis. When filled with blood, the blood within the penis is under pressure and thereby causes the penis to become stiff and erect. The erection process is complex, but it is an essential act for the sexual health of a man.

Men with erection issues find it difficult to complete the erection process and this can have a negative effect on the physical and emotional well-being of the patient. Self-esteem, relationship issues and confidence problems are all commonly experienced in men with ED. In fact, it has been reported that having this sexual disorder increases the chances of developing depression by 192% (The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2018). Luckily, this sexual dysfunction can be managed with the help of an ED medication.

This generic Levitra brand, Vivanza brand, and other brands of this medicine, are popular choices for men with impotence as these tablets can be both effective and safe for use as well. These tablets are also normally sold or described by the brand title, Levitra. You can find this medication for sale in countries, such as the U.S and Italy, among other locations. Alternatively, you can easily purchase this medication online through secure internet pharmacies.

What is Vardenafil 20 mg?

These tablets are formulated with 20 mg of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). A 20 mg dose is sufficient for the average man (without hepatic or renal impairment) to use safely for the attainment, or maintenance, of the penile erection. Vardenafil 20 mg is approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but this medication has also been shown to be useful, off-label, for the management of premature ejaculation (PE) symptoms. PE is another common sexual disorder that affects men and is estimated to impact about 4-39% of the general male population.

PE occurs when a man is unable to control their ejaculatory responses. The symptoms of this condition occur when a man, soon after penetration, reaches orgasm and subsequently ejaculates. PE can happen within less than a minute of achieving an erection therefore leaving one to feel dissatisfied and frustrated as well. This erectile dysfunction medication is available 24-7 via reputable online pharmacies, which makes it convenient seeing that you cannot buy this medication over the counter at a physical store. It is considered highly efficacious in prolonging ejaculation during sexual intercourse, making it increasingly sought after.

In a randomized, cross over study, the effects of this medicine were evaluated in men with an IELT (intravaginal ejaculation latency time) of less than 1.30 minutes. These clinical trial patients were chosen based on the ineffectiveness of behavioral therapies on their PE symptoms and were reported to have experienced significant improvements in their IELTs (Mathers et. al., 2009).

Branded or generic Levitra can hence, be beneficial for both impotence and premature ejaculation as well. And there you have, an overview of what is vardenafil, so now, continue ahead to see how does vardenafil work.

How Does Vardenafil Work?

The mode of action of these erectile dysfunction pills have not been fully established but it is thought that this medicine assists in relieving erection problems through the following:

  • Once administered, these tablets are broken down, through the digestive processes, to release the API, which is subsequently absorbed by the bloodstream.
  • Following absorption by the body, the therapeutic ingredients in the medication inhibit the action of the phosphodiesterase (PDE5) enzyme.

    PDE is an enzyme that breaks down cGMP in the body. cGMP is the component that relaxes the smooth muscles and dilates blood vessels.
  • Through the inhibition of PDE5, cGMP is allowed to increase and function unrestricted. This means that the cGMP compounds in the body widen the blood vessels and the subsequent flow of blood through the arteries is thereby enhanced.
  • When blood flows to the penis unimpeded, the erection process can occur and be maintained for sexual intercourse. Essentially, vardenafil works by improving blood flow to the penis so as to accomplish this intent.

The previously mentioned process of how does vardenafil work happens rapidly after the API enters the bloodstream, but this cannot be experienced if there is no sexual stimulation. Sexual arousal is a pre-requisite of the functioning of this medication because it releases nitric oxide. The nitric oxide chemical is required for the penile muscles to relax.

How Long Does Vardenafil Take to Work?

Onset of action of a vardenafil dosage: this is the time it takes for a medication to take effect. The onset of action of this therapeutic is relatively short as this active ingredient takes approximately 30 minutes for the benefits to come to prominence. This time to therapeutic action is generally indicated in this products information leaflet.

Factors that can affect the onset of action:

  • Foods: certain foods, such as those rich in fats, may delay the time it takes for a medication to work. For a medicine to work, the therapeutic has to be digested and absorbed by the bloodstream. High-fat meals prolong therapeutic action as they delay gastric emptying (this is the process by which the stomach contents are moved to the small intestine).
  • Lack of sexual arousal: sexual stimulation is imperative for this ED medication to function. When answering, does vardenafil work? If not sexually aroused, the tablets cannot take effect.
  • The time taken to consume the medication: as previously mentioned, the medicine has to be first processed through the digestive system for the API to be absorbed by the bloodstream. For this to occur, the pills have to reach the stomach where it can be processed. Water is normally administered with a tablet as it aids in the transport of the medicine to the desired destination in the body. By not drinking adequate water, the medication may get lodged in the esophagus and not reach the stomach quick enough, and this may consequently, delay the therapeutic action.

Vardenafil Dosage Guide

Finding the right vardenafil dosage is essential as it is an individualized dose, specific to you and your body. Factors, such as your age, health condition and body size, are taken into account when an amount of therapeutic is recommended to you.

The recommended vardenafil dosage is 10 mg, this is as you begin using the medication. The initial standard dose can be adjusted upward or down depending on your response to the medication. If you feel as though you are reaping the benefits of the medicine and can tolerate a higher amount, then you may increase this dosage to 20 mg. However, it is always best to increase your dosage with advice from a medical advisor to prevent potential vardenafil side effects. In the event of severe side effects, it would be best to reduce your dosage to 5 mg.

A dose of this medication is usually well-tolerated but best suited to younger men, without any liver or kidney dysfunctions. For older men, a lower dose would be advised as the renal elimination process can be impaired in seniors thus prolonging the time it takes to remove the therapeutic from the body. This medication may be taken anywhere from 25 to 60 minutes prior to sexual intercourse and with or without food, although without food is preferable.

Vardenafil Side Effects

The typical vardenafil side effects (according to Doggrell, 2006) were:

  • Facial flushing: 10 to 11% of clinical trial patients
  • Headaches: 7 to 15% of clinical trial patients
  • Dyspepsia (indigestion) or rhinitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose): up to 7% of clinical trial patients

These adverse vardenafil side effects were similar when a 5 mg, 10 mg and 20 mg dose of the medication was administered to the study population, over a six-month treatment period. The researchers of this study indicated that the vardenafil side effects reported by the men involved in the study were mild to moderate in severity, and short lived as well.

Doggrell went on to add in this review that one of the warnings included using the medication in conjunction with alpha blocker medicines. Some examples of alpha blockers are benign prostatic hypertrophy agents or Alfuzosin, and these therapeutics can cause life-threatening consequences when used concomitantly with ED tablets because the combination drastically reduces blood pressure. This, and other vardenafil interactions, can be found in the aforementioned clinical review.

Vardenafil vs Viagra

  • The previously mentioned study also compared the tadalafil and vardenafil benefits to the popular PDE5 inhibitor, sildenafil.
  • The results of this review indicated that a possible reason to buy this generic medication would be the fact that the study population was reported to be effectively treated with this medication, after being unresponsive to sildenafil. It has been inferred that this may be a potential advantage of these ED pills over sildenafil tablets.
  • Other online vardenafil reviews, with regard to vardenafil vs Viagra, has suggested that this medication may be preferred to sildenafil (Viagra) as it lasts for much longer. This is in line with the known duration of therapeutic action of these ED tablets which is generally 36 hours (longer, in some cases) as compared to the approximate four-hour duration of action of sildenafil.
  • Another comparison of these medications can be related to cost. The vardenafil cost can often be more attractive than the price of sildenafil. This is especially significant when the therapeutics are being used on a regular daily basis.
  • Other than the cost and duration of action, both these PDE5 inhibitors have been shown to be equally effective in the treatment of impotence and premature ejaculation. Moreover, both these medications are associated with similar adverse events.

Is it Safe to Order Vardenafil Online?

You can order this medication online in the comfort of your home. This is of particular advantage when you are either unable to go to a pharmacy or you would rather not leave the comfort of your own home. Online ordering of medications is safe and secure, and can be done with minimal effort. You simply have to search for this ED medication and select the product you require. You can also search for other details of the product, such as the low price or the list of ingredients found in the tablets.

When you buy vardenafil online, one of the greatest fears people tend to have is:

  • Can my personal and financial details be stolen?
  • Am I going to receive authentic medication?

When you use our online platform Wizz Pharmacy, you can be assured that your information is safeguarded. You can easily, conveniently and privately share your details without the fear of them being used in any malicious way. Furthermore, the products you receive will be high-quality, FDA-approved and authentic.

Buy Vardenafil Discreetly Here

It is known that at least 5% of online searches are health related, either relating to a medical condition or a possible healthcare treatment. With such a great number of searches being directed to health queries, it is no wonder that online pharmacies have become so popular. An online pharmacy is designed to help you get the medication you need, without the hassle of physically buying it yourself. You do not have to contend with crowded pharmacies, queues that take up valuable time or searching for the medicine you need in a store.

When you buy this ED medication online, you can receive your medication without having to discuss your symptoms with a pharmacist and this may be one of the most attractive features of buying online. You can also buy this medication in generic or branded form. These medications can be easily compared with regard to cost, and added to the digital shopping cart of your account profile once you have decided on which form to buy. Generics are the same as brand name medications except they are usually much cheaper.

Once the online process is completed, you can expect the delivery of your healthcare products in an unmarked, discrete package, just a few short days or weeks from purchase (this depends on your location, and the terms and conditions of delivery). The delivery process is done is such a manner so as to maintain your anonymity.

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