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Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

This disorder usually only occurs when your body does not respond to any type of sexual stimulation. Female sexual arousal disorder is a common disorder and up to 40% of women will experience some type of FSAD at some point in their life. Female sexual arousal disorder symptoms can affect any woman, but older women seem to experience it more often. Over the years, there have only been a handful of treatments available to women because little was known about FSAD.

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In the past, getting a diagnosis was tricky and often required undergoing invasive procedures like a pelvic exam, to rule out any physical causes that might give you the same symptoms as Female sexual interest arousal disorder (like any type of infection, injury or nerve damage). Sometimes, a full blood test may be required as well as answering questions about sexual history and various other treatments. In many ways, these procedures were not ideal for most women as they were too expensive and uncomfortable.

The introduction of the internet, the development of online pharmacies and generic medications changed that by offering better alternatives. Lately, more women report FSAD issues, which led to more research into this common sexual disorder being conducted into effective treatments. Do you want to find out the female sexual arousal disorder definition? Are you trying to see if the causes of female sexual arousal disorder apply to you? Perhaps you are in the market for an affordable treatment you can trust? No matter the reason, you are in the correct place.

What Is Female Sexual Arousal Disorder?

Female sexual arousal disorder is the considerable loss of interest in sexual intercourse. It is also when you have difficulty responding to any type of sexual stimulation - whether it is genital or non-genital stimulation. Female sexual arousal disorder (commonly known as FSAD) falls under the broader term female sexual dysfunction. This disorder can be defined as the lack of sexual excitement during sex, lack of any sensation in the genital area during intercourse, as well as little or no pleasure experienced during sexual activities.

As with most other sexual disorders, female sexual arousal disorder can be upsetting. It is very easy to let FSAD affect other aspects of your life like your self-esteem, your relationship with your partner and your own mental health and well-being. Although having a sexual disorder such as this one can make you feel isolated and alone, you should remember that it is a fairly common disorder and many women experience it.

Recent data shows that although there are many causes of female sexual arousal disorder, the most common link is poor blood circulation. Poor blood flow is often caused by lower estrogen levels, which results in pelvic muscles and sexual organs without the blood needed to promote arousal and vaginal sensitivity.

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder Symptoms

Each women experience FSAD for a different reason and some symptoms of sexual dysfunction in women occurring infrequently, while some may only experience it once in a while when engaging in sexual activities. Others can experience one or more of the common symptoms every time they engage in sexual activities and intercourse. Some women may experience one or two symptoms, others may experience more so to help find a suitable treatment, the following list outlines what symptoms to expect. 

Some of the more common symptoms a women may experience as a result of FSAD may include;

  • A lack of interest in sex or no interest at all.
  • Little or no pleasure whilst engaging in sexual activities.
  • Little or no arousal when exposed to sexual stimulation.
  • No sensation or very little sensation in the genital area during sex.
  • Not feeling the need to start or initiate sex with your partner.

In order to be classified as a disorder, symptoms need to have lasted for 6 months or longer, symptoms need to be actively causing distress and symptoms should not be able to be explained by a mental health disorder, other medication, or any other medical condition. Other symptoms can be experienced in different ways. These include:

  • Generalised or situational - generalised FSAD has symptoms that can happen at any time and during sex with any partner, in any situation and during any type of sexual stimulation. Situational FSAD has symptoms that only happen in specific or certain scenarios.
  • Lifelong or acquired - this is when women first notice their symptoms the first time, they become sexually active. Acquired FSAD is when a person experienced sexual function previously, but does not anymore.

Causes Of Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

In general, all women are different and when it comes to their arousal and sexual desires, it can be quite a complex and intricate process to understand. For some women, mental health issues such as chronic anxiety or depression may be the trigger. In other cases, physical conditions like heart disease, bladder control issues or diabetes may cause an arousal deficit. For women taking other medications for depression, blood pressure or allergies, this can also impede on experiencing adequate arousal towards sexual activities.

There are many different causes of female sexual arousal disorder that can cause female sexual arousal disorder. Along with the aforementioned causes, these are also factors that cause FSAD, which include:

  • Not having a satisfying relationship - Sometimes a lack of communication, a lack of emotional intimacy or any unresolved conflict can cause this type of sexual disorder in women.
  • Some mental health conditions are associated with and can cause female sexual arousal disorder. These mental health conditions can include a negative self-image, a lack of self-confidence and some mood disorders.
  • Past trauma, emotional or sexual abuse.

Sometimes your own personal beliefs can be causing your sexual arousal disorder. These beliefs can be personal, cultural or religious. Some beliefs are centred around traditional gender roles, and this sometimes creates feelings of shame when it comes to sex. Regardless of how significant the causes are, symptoms are treatable with effective medications and modifications to daily habits and lifestyle.

Female Sexual Arousal Disorder Treatment

The main focus for treating female sexual arousal disorder is to pinpoint the problem and the cause of it, then find a treatment that is best. According to a female sexual arousal disorder case study, treatment for this disorder can include medication, therapy or even both. Many women also find that mindfulness based therapies (CBT) are effective at helping to identify and overcome the psychological barriers that may be causing sexual issues. 

Other more common medical treatments and therapies include;

  • Hormone therapy - this can help balance out oestrogen or testosterone levels, can help treat vaginal dryness and even pain during intercourse.
  • If you are on any other medications, adjusting your dosage could help treat your symptoms.
  • Medications such as flibanserin - you can use flibanserin pills to treat female sexual arousal disorder. Flibanserin comes in doses of 100 mg and should be taken orally (by mouth) once a day and should be taken before you go to bed. If you miss a dose before you go to bed, only take your next dose before bed the following day. Do not take 2 doses to make up for your missed dose.

According to flibanserin reviews, it can an effective treatment for female sexual arousal disorder in most cases. Reviews also suggest side effects are mild and pass away quickly. As well as using a course of FSAD medication, adjusting lifestyle habits is another highly recommended way to enhance arousal. Studies show that maintaining healthy hydration and eating a magnesium, zinc and folic acid rich diet helps boost blood flow and supports healthy libido.

Before You Buy Female Sexual Arousal Disorder Treatment

There are different types of FSAD treatments available as well as the avenues women can take to attain their preferred treatment. When taking the traditional route, women can visit most major pharmacies to get prescription based medications in limited quantities. The average price of medication sold over the counter (OTC) or by prescription are usually high and the supply given is limited to 4 - 6 low strength dosages.

The second and more favourable option for most women is ordering medication online. There are a number of reasons why, with the more significant relating to the affordable prices and unrestricted access. Women can simply find our website, take a few minutes to go through the guided order process and make a secure payment to save money and get fast home delivery. Another advantage online shoppers get is access to accurate information in the reviews and FAQ sections.

Buy Female Sexual Arousal Disorder Medication

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