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Sexual Dysfunction In Women

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  • Jun 24, 2021
Sexual Dysfunction In Women

This disorder occurs when women experience pain, an inability to achieve orgasms during sexual intercourse, and even lowered levels of arousal and sexual excitement when engaging in sexual activities. Sexual dysfunction in women essentially is not a rare disorder at all. In fact, it is found to be very common and is experienced by many women. It affects more than 40% of women and can affect women of any age, however, it most often occurs among women who are above the age of 40. This disorder can have a highly negative impact on the quality of life for any women. Nevertheless, if it is diagnosed properly and as soon as possible, it can be treated fairly easily and quickly.

There are two types of disorders that fall under the term sexual dysfunction in women. These are:

  • Hypoactive sexual desire disorder - when you have no desire to partake in any sexual activities.
  • Female sexual arousal disorder - when you do not feel sexually excited and you do not respond to any type of sexual stimulation.

What Is Sexual Dysfunction In Women

Sexual dysfunction in women is a problem that occurs when the normal 4 phases of the sexual cycle is disrupted somehow. Many women do feel embarrassed to talk about these types of disorders, but you should remember that it is a common problem affecting almost all women (to some degree and at some point in time). Sexual dysfunction in women can be caused by a number of factors. They can be physical problems like an injury or a medical condition, but they can also be caused by mental disorders such as depression. Having a low libido, not being able to be aroused or sexually excited, not being able to orgasm during sexual intercourse and experiencing pain whilst engaging in sexual activities, are all different types of sexual dysfunction in women.

Another type of female sexual dysfunction is female sexual interest arousal disorder, where women do not feel or express any interest in sexual activities. Women who have this disorder also do not feel the need to initiate sexual activities with their partner, and they do not feel any arousal when shown any type of sexual stimulation.

Sexual Dysfunction In Women Symptoms

Female sexual dysfunction has many symptoms, which also come up in different ways for different women. Some symptoms include:

  • Lack or little sexual desire - this is the most common symptom experienced by women.
  • Not being aroused or sexually excited - you may want to have intercourse but, it is difficult to become aroused.
  • Experiencing pain whilst engaging in sexual intercourse - this is when you experience pain when you are sexually stimulated or when there is contact with the vagina.
  • Vaginal dryness.
  • Unable to orgasm during intercourse.

These symptoms will be slightly different from person to person, and they also depend on the type of sexual dysfunction one has.

Most Common Sexual Dysfunction In Women

The most common type of sexual disorder in women is a lowered or complete lack of desire to engage in sexual activities. There can be various causes for female sexual dysfunction and it is crucial to note that they can also interact with each other to cause other symptoms. The causes can be broken up into 4 main classifications. These are:

  • Physical factors like medications, other medical conditions like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.
  • Hormone factors - when the chemicals in your brain and in your body are out of balance, it can lead to sexual dysfunction in women.
  • Psychological factors - like mental disorders such as anxiety disorder and panic disorder.
  • Social factors - this is dependent on how your relationship with your partner is.

Women who have diabetes experience less feelings of arousal and little or no lubrication to the vaginal area (which is commonly known as vaginal dryness). Diabetes and sexual dysfunction in women can go hand in hand, as women who have diabetes can also experience little or no desire to engage in sexual activities and can also experience higher levels of pain during intercourse.

How To Treat Sexual Dysfunction In Women

There are many treatments available to help in treating this disorder. Women have become more open when discussing topics like this, which has helped doctors come up with better treatment avenues. You can use medical treatments to treat sexual dysfunction in women. Many females have found success using flibanserin pills and more experts are recommending it as a treatment due to its effectiveness. These pills help balance out the chemicals in your brain and can help you raise your desire to engage in sexual intercourse. There have been many case studies done on this medication, and flibanserin reviews demonstrate clearly how effective and safe this medical treatment is.

If you do not want to use medical treatments, cognitive behavioral therapy for sexual dysfunction in women is another viable option for you to use. It is a proven method to treat sexual dysfunction in women. This is a long-term method that is focused on what your beliefs are about the problem you are facing and how you behave towards that problem. By targeting these core areas, patients can create a new way of thinking and can develop better ways to cope and behave. This is best used in conjunction with medication as a short-term, but important link in the overall treatment plan.

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