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Poxet 90mg

Poxet 90mg

Poxet 90 mg is a medication used to treat premature ejaculation (PE), which occurs when a man ejaculates quicker than usual. This medication is a generic form of Priligy, as it contains dapoxetine, which is the exact same active ingredient in the original branded medication.

About Poxet 90mg

The patent for the original medication has expired and Sunrise Remedies, in India, is now permitted to produce and sell this treatment. The tablet contains a particularly potent dose of the active ingredient (90 mg of dapoxetine), making it suitable for the treatment of severe symptoms of PE.

This medication offers the same quality and performance as the original branded medication, except it costs a fraction of the price. It is exported worldwide and sold online, allowing an increasing number of men to easily receive affordable treatment. You can now purchase Poxet 90 mg online in the USA through our leading internet pharmacy.

How Exactly Does Poxet 90 mg Work?

Poxet 90 mg increases the time it takes to ejaculate considerably in men experiencing premature ejaculation. This medication inhibits the reuptake (or reabsorption) of a substance in the brain called serotonin, which ultimately increases levels of this essential neurotransmitter.

In men with PE, serotonin is less active in the section of the brain that regulates ejaculation. Low levels of serotonin prevent signals from being transmitted properly and this causes ejaculation to happen early.

By increasing serotonin in the brain, the active ingredient in Poxet 90 mg (dapoxetine) promotes ejaculatory delay. As a result, a man with PE will have considerably more control over when he ejaculates. This premature ejaculation treatment also reduces the worry and frustration associated with early ejaculation during sexual activity.

This PE treatment is recommended for men who tend to ejaculate with minimal sexual stimulation, particularly within a minute of initiating intercourse. You can buy Poxet 90 mg pills online through our website. If you want to know more about how this tablet works, simply speak to one of our online consultants. Our agents are on standby to assist you 24/7.

How Long Do The Effects Of Poxet 90 mg Last?

Poxet 90 mg is absorbed quickly into the bloodstream and removed rapidly from the body. This fast-acting feature makes the medication well suited to on-demand treatment of PE. Clinical studies have shown that the medicine is most effective one to three hours after taking the tablet. The effects of this medication however can last for up to 12 hours.

Nevertheless, it is generally best to engage in sexual activity one to three hours after taking the tablet. This is when the effects of the medication reach peak levels, and the time it takes to ejaculate increases considerably. In fact, most men find that treatment increases their ejaculation by 2 to 3 times more than usual, and longer in some cases. Poxet 90 mg not only provides enhanced sexual satisfaction for the user, but also makes sex more pleasurable for their partners by extending the duration of intercourse.

When you purchase Poxet 90 mg tablets, you will be getting high-quality medication at a fraction of the price of the original branded treatment. You can order Poxet 90 mg online in the USA right here at our online pharmacy and enjoy longer-lasting intercourse.

How to Use Poxet 90 mg for Best Results

When you search dapoxetine online, you will find important guidelines that indicate how you should use this medication. Adhering to these instructions increases the likelihood of positive treatment outcomes and minimizes your risk of side effects. It is therefore advisable to familiarize yourself with the recommended usage guidelines prior to initiating treatment.

Poxet 90 mg tablets should be taken by mouth, approximately 1 to 3 hours before sexual activity. It is recommended that this premature ejaculation medication be taken with a full glass of water as other beverages can interfere with the absorption of the active ingredient. You can take this treatment regardless of whether you have eaten a meal or not as foods do not affect the treatment.

A Poxet 90 mg tablet should not be crushed or chewed, as this can affect how the tablet functions. To get the most out of this treatment, all patients who use this medicine should do so in the correct manner. You can also find this advice contained in the medication guide included in your packaging when you order Poxet 90 mg.

Dosage Advice for Poxet 90 mg

It is best to understand Poxet 90 mg dosage advice in order to get the most out of your treatment. This advice outlines the most suitable quantity of medication to take, and how frequently doses should be taken.

The maximum dose is to take one of these premature ejaculation pills per day, which should not be exceeded within 24 hours. Dapoxetine is generally recommended for on-demand use (only when you intend to have sex) so does not need to be taken every day. The 90 mg dose ensures that ejaculation is delayed for enough time to complete intercourse, allowing for the feelings of frustration and low sexual confidence associated with PE to disappear.

The 90 mg dapoxetine dosage is a potent dose that is ideal for the treatment of severe symptoms of PE. This dose is generally recommended for men who have tolerated lower doses well with little or no side effects but require a more intensive treatment. It is often recommended if the 30 and 60 mg doses have not been effective enough.

The Poxet 90 mg tablet can also be divided into smaller pieces to acquire lower dosages if you find that this dose is too strong. This often benefits patients because lower doses often provide the desired effects, with little or no side effects. Regardless, the active ingredient in Poxet 90 mg is rapidly absorbed in the body and typically well-tolerated, according to the average dapoxetine review.

The medication is recommended for the average healthy male, as seniors and those with underlying medical conditions are advised to use a reduced dose. Men who are over the age of 65 as well as those with mild liver or kidney problems are usually advised to use 30 mg of the active ingredient, especially when starting treatment.

For further information, you can contact one of our customer service representatives. If you want to buy Poxet 90 mg online, you can simply place an order through our pharmacy by completing the short checkout process.

Does Poxet 90 mg Cause Side Effects?

Common dapoxetine side effects only affect a small percentage of men and are generally minor and short-lived as well. The most typical Poxet 90 mg side effects include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches

Although side effects normally do not require treatment, they can be managed with simple home treatments and over the counter medications, should it become necessary. Because dehydration is a common cause of side effects, drinking plenty of water is advised when you use this medication. This and other home remedies can effectively help manage the discomfort associated with adverse effects.

This medication is bioequivalent to the original medicine. This means it is developed using the same formula as the branded version. The only differences between the generic treatment and the original branded medication are the names, pricing, and packaging of the treatments. This treatment is much cheaper than the original branded medication because it did not need to go through the same tests and marketing as the original brand. The affordability of the generic medication is, therefore, by no means a result of inferior quality.

To avoid experiencing side effects, it is advisable to carefully follow usage and dosage instructions. This information is contained in the medication guide when you purchase Poxet 90 mg online from us.

It is easy buy Poxet 90 mg through our online pharmacy. When you receive your medication, contained within the paper handout is also a comprehensive list of the side effects. You should review these effects and be familiar with the symptoms in attempt to identify if you are experiencing them. This will help you manage any discomfort effectively.

Medicines That May Interact With Poxet 90 mg

Men who use this medication should be aware of interactions that may happen if this PE treatment is taken at the same time as certain other medicines. Medications can interact negatively with dapoxetine in the body, resulting in stronger effects, more side effects, or less potent effectiveness. It is especially important to review the full list because many adults take multiple medications on a daily basis.

The following list contains some of the medications/ substances that should be avoided when taking this treatment for PE:

  • Monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs)
  • Other selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs)
  • Tryptophan which is used to help you sleep
  • Medications used to treat migraines
  • Grapefruit/ grapefruit juice

When you order Poxet 90 mg online, the information leaflet contained in the packaging provides information on additional medications that dapoxetine interacts with. Before starting treatment, you should make sure you are familiar with all the information pertaining to potential drug interactions.

While there may not be a permanent cure for ejaculation problems, this medication can be used long-term and for on-demand treatment, as long as there are no adverse medication interactions. You can buy Poxet 90 mg online through our website and receive further advice on drug interactions from our consultants.

When Would Poxet 90 mg Be Unsuitable For Use?

In clinical studies, this medication was demonstrated to be effective in the treatment of PE and safe to take on a regular basis for most men, with a low risk of adverse reactions. Although this treatment is safe for most PE patients, there are certain medical conditions that make its use unsafe. Do not take Poxet 90 mg if you have:

  • severe problems with how your liver or kidney functions
  • ever fainted before
  • severe cardiac problems
  • a clotting or bleeding problem
  • uncontrolled epilepsy
  • ever had a mental health problem that caused mood swings, such as bipolar illness, depression, or mania.

The use of dapoxetine in men with the above-mentioned health issues is prohibited because there is an increased risk of adverse reactions. In addition, Poxet 90 mg should not be taken by individuals under the age of 18 years old.

If you want to learn more about the health issues that could make using this medication unsafe, or to buy Poxet 90 mg pills online, simply contact our customer service team. Our specialists are ready to answer your questions, and attend to your queries, on a day-and-night basis to ensure treatment is safe for all patients.

Buy Poxet 90 mg for Severe Premature Ejaculation

Because of its affordable price, many people prefer to buy Poxet 90 mg as opposed to the branded version. The medication provides the same benefits and safety as Priligy, except it is substantially cheaper. Fortunately, this medication does not have to be purchased from a pharmacy store.

Visiting a physical pharmacy tends to lack privacy which discourages people from seeking PE treatment, due to the lack of discretion. This, however, has changed, as modern technology has made way for internet pharmacies where patients can purchase medications such as Poxet 90 mg online. This eliminates the need for uncomfortable trips to a pharmacy where an in-person consultation is often necessary.

You can now simply order Poxet 90 mg online in the USA directly through our reliable pharmacy and have the medication delivered quickly and discreetly to a location of your choice. Our pharmacy is open around-the-clock, making it easier than ever to purchase PE medication.

Additionally, you can contact our customer service consultants via our platform, phone or email. This service is free of charge and can be accessed 24/7.

All information is carefully safeguarded with the latest software and our online platform ensures that transactions are entirely secure. The order process is highly efficient and well organized at Wizz Pharmacy, ensuring that each order is delivered speedily.

To take advantage of these benefits and more, simply buy Poxet 90 mg today by adding the medication to your online cart.

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