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Ejaculation Problems

  • By: Dr Sophia Miller
  • Mar 23, 2022
Ejaculation Problems

Something that many people are not aware of is the fact that premature ejaculation (PE) is, in fact, the most predominant sexual dysfunction that men experience today. While most people are under the impression that erectile dysfunction carried this crown, this has proven not to be the case over the years. Premature ejaculation is defined as when a man is unable to endure sexual encounters for longer than 60-90 seconds before reaching orgasm. There are so many different causes of this condition ultimately, all of which we will touch on in further depth throughout this article.

Premature ejaculation is an incredibly embarrassing condition, that has the potential to even cause tension in a relationship. A healthy and functional sex life is very important in a relationship, and when every sexual interaction is met with just 60 seconds of intimacy, the patients partner is going to naturally become sexually frustrated as well.

Has your relationship become affected by premature ejaculation problems? Are problems with ejaculation taking a toll on your mental health? Perhaps you are looking for a cheaper way to solve premature ejaculation issues? Whatever may be the case, Wizz Pharmacy has the best medications available at the best prices around, so keep reading to discover more.

What Causes Ejaculation Problems

Throughout the years, there have been many different premature ejaculation causes unveiled, and regularly we are learning about other potential causes of ejaculation problems men are constantly facing worldwide. There are 2 types of premature ejaculation, lifelong (primary), and acquired (secondary). Lifelong conditions are named when the patient ejaculates early always, since their first sexual experience. Acquired is, of course, when a man has had long-lasting sex previously, and no longer is able.

Studies indicate that men develop premature ejaculation issues at any point in life, with triggers relating to psychological factors that essentially psych men out in the bedroom. Early sexual experiences are said to lead to premature ejaculation regularly throughout life. Other causes of ejaculation problems also relate to sexual abuse, depression, feelings of guilt and poor body image, or low self-esteem that have been said to lead to premature ejaculation also.

Another significant factor relates to misaligned chemical levels in the brain. Clinical trials reveal that low levels or serotonin and increased levels of dopamine play a role in early onset climax. The reason is because serotonin is responsible for delaying the brains response to sexual response, whereas dopamine accelerates sexual excitement to onset climax.

Can Porn Cause Ejaculation Problems?

The rumor that many people have heard about porn being a cause of problems with ejaculation has been proven to be false. On the same foot, if you do struggle with premature ejaculation, habitually masturbating to pornography is probably not going to help the situation, either. While there are techniques that can be practiced during masturbation, such as edging, to build longer periods between ejaculation, porn itself has no true effect on the condition either way.

There are some situations that could help to promote a faster ejaculatory time. One that millions and millions of men worldwide have unknowingly placed themselves into is rapid ejaculation condition. Now, this is not technically a sexual condition, but an unintentionally trained practice carried over through many years of watching porn. For some men who discovered porn at an earlier age, masturbation to porn is just a normal routine. This routine can be followed by guilt and shame for some, so subconsciously, we masturbate quickly, finishing as fast as possible. This can actually lead to men requiring premature ejaculation treatment.

Causes of Ejaculation Problems in 20s

Of the world population of men, it is said that nearly 30-40% of them all experience some form of premature ejaculation on a reoccurring basis. This condition is being found to affect more and more men in their 20s each year, causing a rise in younger men buying premature ejaculation medication. But the question still remains, what causes ejaculation issues for more and more younger men? It turns out, there are quite a few different causes. Luckily, these younger men can turn to the internet, and buy dapoxetine online.

The most common reason for younger men to experience premature ejaculation is said to be simply a weak pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is the same muscle that causes urine to stop flowing; luckily there are exercises that can be done to strengthen this muscle. It has been reported that a hormone imbalance, or irregular levels of neurotransmitters can also be a leading cause to younger men experiencing this condition. Younger men can avoid the public humility of buying premature ejaculation medications like dapoxetine 60mg by shopping online rather than the high street.

Drugs that Cause Ejaculation Problems

The use of both pharmaceutical drugs and recreational drugs do cause an interruption in the ejaculatory cycle, but not in the way that some may think. Medications like paroxetine, sertraline, clomipramine, tramadol, or even fluoxetine are actually drugs that cause ejaculation problems; and also are said to slow orgasms in women. This can be said for most anti-depressant medications, as well as anti-anxiety medications.

Consuming alcohol and recreational drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamines, or MDMA has also been shown to greatly delay, or stop the ability to reach ejaculation. In fact, reports indicate that those who have long-term addictions or history using these different stimulants find it nearly impossible to reach ejaculation, if they are even able to first achieve an erection.

How to Help Ejaculation Problems?

There are several recommended ways of successfully tackling mens ejaculation problems and improving overall sexual health and performance. For fast relief, men can use various selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRI) medications that work to correct chemical imbalances believed to cause ejaculations issues. PE is often linked to mental health conditions like performance anxiety and chronic stress, which is why address these issues with a medical professional is recommended.

Another simple way of reducing the risk of early onset ejaculation issues is masturbating about 1 - 2 hours before planned sexual contact. By masturbating before sex, researchers believe that doing so lessens sensitivity of the penis and delays onset ejaculations. Doing so is also known to help men understand how to control arousal delay ejaculation latency. Taking care of physical health is important for sexual performance too, which is why eating health and exercising often is important.

Pelvic floor exercises like Kegels, cardiovascular training and Yoga are recommended methods recommended for improving muscle strength and blood flow. Mens ejaculation problems can also be managed with healthy nutrition and staying well hydrated. Studies indicates that eating zinc and magnesium rich foods like spinach and watermelon or almonds and even dark chocolate improves PE and ensure peal sexual performance.

Reviews of Medications Online for Male Ejaculation Problems

Part of restoring sexual performance and health is finding a suitable treatment option or medications proven to help. Millions of men use online pharmacies like ours to buy effective medications and part of why is due to the information they have access too. All medication we stock at our website come with a product specific reviews section at the bottom of the page.

The feedback provided in reviews offers shoppers in depth, first hand details about each medication including the efficacy and how to go about getting best results. Reviews are particularly useful for new shoppers who may have reservations about ordering medications online and want to know more. This feature is also used a security measure genuine online vendors use to back up the authenticity of the medications and services on offer.

Reading feedback in reviews also offers helpful advice and recommendations from others about what medications work for them to help new shoppers find a suitable solution. After using our online pharmacy to buy and use medications, we encourage you to share your review. Doing so helps more men find an effective treatment and also helps our online pharmacy continue providing an exceptional pharmaceutical service.

Buy Medication for Ejaculation Problems

You should now have a better understanding of who is affected by premature ejaculation, and how to best avoid a future of sexual dysfunction problems. For those who find themselves in need of premature ejaculation pills, you are in luck. Our online pharmacy is available at all hours of the day and night for you to place an order.

It is incredibly simple to buy dapoxetine thanks to our simple user interface. After you have decided which dapoxetine medication you want, choose a quantity, and add it to your shopping cart. Once done, head over to the checkout section, where you will be asked for your shipping information. After inputting this information, you will be asked to choose from our convenient payment methods.

We take payment in the forms of Bitcoin, bank transfer, Visa, and MasterCard. Once you have placed your order, a confirmation email will be received with the estimated delivery date. A second email will be sent within 24-hours, indicating the order has shipped, the unique tracking code and the inconspicuous descriptor name indicated on your financial statement. For men wanting to enhance their sexual experiences and enjoy the freedoms of a healthy sex life, look no further. 

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Dr Sophia Miller
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Dr Sophia Miller

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