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Flibanserin Price

  • By: Dr Sophia Miller
  • Jun 25, 2021
Flibanserin Price

Marketed under the brand name Addyi, this medication is the first approved treatment prescribed for treating female sexual arousal/interest disorder (FSAID). Previously, this condition was divided into two separate sexual health issues, including hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) and female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD). The reason these conditions were incorporated into one classification is that sexual desire and physical arousal are closely linked.

When purchasing medications online, the typical flibanserin cost is highly affordable. As a result, an increasing number of women are now able to effectively treat FSAID. They are able to reclaim their sexual well-being that may have been lost due to a decline in psychological and physical interest toward sexual activity. A diagnosis of FSAID is generally made if this sexual health problem has lasted at least 6 months. Common symptoms include:

  • Little or no interest in sexual activity
  • Difficulty responding to physical stimulation
  • Reduced sexual satisfaction in nearly all sexual encounters
  • Little or no sexual thoughts or fantasies

These symptoms usually result in significant distress, low self-esteem, relationship problems and a reduced quality of life. Research has, however, shown that flibanserin, the active ingredient in Addyi, effectively treats FSAID. Patients with female sexual arousal disorder and hypoactive sexual desire disorder have been shown to respond well to this medication.

In clinical studies, this treatment proves to raise the number of satisfying sexual circumstances by approximately one half per month compared with placebo. This medication exerts its effects by restoring balance to chemicals in the brain that are associated with sex drive. Are you interested in prescription free sexual dysfunction medications? Do you want to know where to buy flibanserin for affordable prices? Is it time to show you how to buy flibanserin in minutes? If yes is the answer, read ahead to find out how.

Addyi vs Flibanserin Price

Female sexual interest arousal disorder is a common sexual health problem with studies suggesting that it affects 6% to 46% of women who have not gone through menopause. Due to the high prevalence rate, many women are looking for an affordable medication to restore their sexual relationship with their partner. Flibanserin pills are the generic treatment option and a cost-effective way to improve the quality of life for countless women across the globe.

On average, generic medications cost about 80%% less than branded products, so in turn, the price of the generic flibanserin for sale is considerably cheaper. Why are they cheaper, you ask? Generic medications are less expensive than their branded counterparts mainly because manufacturers are not subject to the substantial investment cost of developing a new medication. 

Due to the low production costs, registered online pharmacies like ours can attain bulk supplies at industry cost price. Online pharmacies are not physical buildings either and overhead costs are low, so our business shares the bulk cost savings with customers, adding more benefit to treatment. Improving sexual health does not need to be an expensive feat thanks to low cost, high quality sexual dysfunction medications. 

Flibanserin Price at Local Pharmacy

The branded flibanserin cost is far higher at a traditional pharmacy, because brick-and-mortar outlets have many overhead expenses associated with the daily running of the business. These expenses include costs like rent and utilities, which often result in unnecessary markups on products. As a result, you can generally expect to pay about 3 or 4 times more at a local pharmacy versus via online pharmacies. The high cost of medications is not only financial though because there are other costs to cover before making it to the local pharmacy.

In terms of supply, the sexual dysfunction medications sold at local pharmacies are legally only sold in reduced or low dosage strengths. These options can provide adequate relief for minor cases of sexual dysfunction but prove ineffective for anything else. Anything stronger is prescription only, forcing many to take time out of a busy day to visit the doctor. 

To add to the hassles, most doctors are only willing to prescribe 2 - 4 pills, which in many cases is insufficient and ineffective. Local pharmacies do offer other effective options including herbal remedies for but getting anything in standard or stronger dosages can prove to cost more time, money and effort.

Flibanserin Price Online

The price of flibanserin online is usually lower at an online pharmacy, as internet pharmacies cut out the middle man a collaborate directly with manufacturers. For this reason, online pharmacies do not need to pay for the services of agents, office rental fees or operation costs, which helps keep price points low. Online pharmacies also work with suppliers for extensive periods of time and this allows them the opportunity to establish beneficial partnerships.

Online pharmacies often receive favorable terms from manufacturers and are therefore able to provide best value for customers. To ensure higher savings across the range, online pharmacies implement a bulk buying program, which is designed to offer higher cash savings on bulk purchases. Also, online pharmacies have optimized how to buy flibanserin by improving operation and processing procedures, including shipping that allows them to further reduce prices and improve efficiency.

Consequently, you can expect to pay a fraction of the price for this female sexual dysfunction treatment when you buy it online. The options available online may be cheaper, but there is absolutely no compromise on the high quality effect and results that generic medications so successfully achieve.

Why the Flibanserin Price Cheaper than Addyi

The price of flibanserin for sale online is cheaper than Addyi because this is the generic version of this treatment for FSAID. Generic medications generally sell for up to 80% less than branded medications yet are bioequivalent, meaning they are identical in terms of pharmacological properties. Therefore, generic medications offer the same quality standards and therapeutic effects but for much less per pill.

Along with the price difference, generic medications may look slightly different as trademark laws prevent generic medications from having the exact same labels as branded counterparts. Women asking where to buy flibanserin are drawn to generic medications because they are readily available online without the added costs of travel, appointments and potential embarrassment.

Any reading the flibanserin reviews will see that many women have proclaimed that using this medication has helped them get their sex lives back on track quickly and efficiently. Many women are also reporting that they are noticing major improvements in their interpersonal relationships and general well-being. More women are enhancing their sexual pleasures and functions while saving cash, time and relationships because they know how to buy flibanserin at our online pharmacy. 

Best Flibanserin Price in the USA

Sexual dysfunction in women is a condition that can now be treated at affordable prices due to the online availability of this approved medication at low prices. We have been working in the pharmaceutical industry for decades and this has given us the ability to offer the best value to all our customers. Remember, the price of generic medications sold at our website are low and taking advantage of the bulk buying program makes each pill even cheaper.

To find where to buy flibanserin at the best prices, simply start placing an order by clicking the product, where you can choose the quantity and price. On the drop down menu at the checkout, you will see the quantities available and the prices, which you can see will get cheaper for more pills. To lock in the best price, simply choose the quantity needed and proceed to the checkout and the price will appear automatically.

If you happen to ever find a better flibanserin price elsewhere please let us know, and we will match that price. Whether women have acute of chronic symptoms, they can get the boost of sexual desire they need by ordering flibanserin online. Even more appealing is that bulk provides convenience, cost savings and quality assurance. 

View the Flibanserin Price Today!

For the best flibanserin price in the USA, visit our online pharmacy and browse our flibanserin range. You can expect substantial cost savings and the quality of medications is never compromised to make up for low prices as we only stock approved medications from world-class manufacturers. We take quality standards and testing of medications very seriously and suppliers are selected with utmost care. In addition, you can expect the following benefits when you place an order online with us:

  • Convenience - Lack of parking, unsuitable trading hours and long queues can be avoided as this medication can be ordered online and delivered straight to your doorstep.
  • Customer confidentiality - All customer details are stored using state of the art encryption technology to maintain strict confidentiality.
  • Premium-quality FDA approved medications - all medications, including generic and branded product lines, are sourced from reputable pharmaceutical companies.
  • Transactional security - transactions are kept secure with SSL (secure sockets layer) software which encrypts all information relating to online orders.
  • Fast and reliable delivery - timely and discreet shipping is guaranteed.
  • Paperless, script-free purchases.

FSAID is a distressing sexual health condition that can put a strain on relationships. Many women with this sexual health problem will be unresponsive to her partner's attempts to initiate sexual activity. This can also make her partner feel inadequate or rejected so finding an effective treatment option is highly recommended. Feeling uncomfortable about having FSAID can prevent many women from finding the medical attention they require. Thankfully, you can now buy Addyi online prescription free.

To buy prescription free flibanserin online, simply visit our homepage Wizz Pharmacy and follow the straightforward online ordering process.

Dr Sophia Miller
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