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What is Addyi?

  • By: Dr Sophia Miller
  • Jun 25, 2021
What is Addyi?

The question, what is Addyi is an important one. It is the first and only medication for pre-menopausal women who are affected by a female sexual disorder relating to sexual arousal, known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). HSDD was an accepted dysfunction for over 30 years but was replaced with a newer diagnosis a number of years ago, after being removed from the Diagnostic and Statistics Manual of Mental Disorders. The current diagnosis of this sexual disorder is now referred to as female sexual interest/ arousal disorder, or FSIAD.

Many women typically pass off the symptoms of HSDD as signs of aging or menopause however, if low sex drive is negatively affecting your overall quality of life, it may warrant the use of a medication for the management of the symptoms. Sexual dysfunction is a common problem for women and not only men. In fact, as per information from a U.S National Health and Social Life Survey (NHSLS), female sexual disorders have a prevalence of 43% among adult women, aged 18 to 59 years.

Moreover, these conditions were specifically directed to low desire and arousal issues for 22% and 14% of the study population, respectively. The active ingredient in Addyi tablets is flibanserin and this is medication is known to increase the frequency of satisfying sexual activities by approximately 50%, when compared to a placebo, in clinical trials involving patients with female sexual arousal disorder. Keep reading to find out where can you buy Addyi online.

What is Addyi Used for?

When it comes to what is Addyi used for? The primary use of Addyi is for the treatment of hypoactive sexual desire disorder, now known as female sexual interest arousal disorder (FSIAD). When used for the management of FSIAD symptoms, flibanserin pills were reported as:

  • Improving the number of satisfying sexual events (SSEs) from 2.8 times to 4.5 times a month, for those receiving the medication, and from 2.7 times to 3.7 times for those receiving the placebo.
  • Being safe and effective for women who have not yet undergone menopause
  • Being associated with minimal side effects

Predictors of sexual disorders among females vary from location to location. In a systematic review involving 135 studies from 41 different countries, the types of predictors varied according to the type of sexual condition as well as the level of gender inequality in that specific location. Irrespective of the country you live in or the risk factors you are exposed to, the question, where can you buy Addyi is an important one that women need answers too. 

How Does Addyi Work?

Flibanserin works to improve the symptoms of FSIAD, which are:

  • A lack of interest in initiating sexual activity
  • Little to no interest in sexual activities
  • Difficulty or an inability receiving pleasure from sex
  • Lack of pleasure through sexual stimulation of the genitals
  • Little to no sexual thoughts or fantasies

This medication received approval by the Food and Drug Administration six years ago and since then has assisted many women in the management of low sex drive issues. The mechanism of Addyi is proposed to affect the female brain, specifically to balance the levels of certain neurotransmitters and to ultimately restore normal sexual desire. Addyi pills work similarly to anti-depressant medications in that they alter the levels of dopamine and serotonin in the brain.

Dopamine is a hormone involved in the transport of chemical messages and is thought to influence the way in which we experience pleasure. Serotonin, on the other hand, impacts the entire body as it influences the feelings of well-being and happiness. Furthermore, this hormone is thought to inhibit sexual excitement. In addition to these hormones, this medicine also affects the neurotransmitter, norepinephrine. By raising the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine, and decreasing the levels of serotonin, Addyi can promote sexual desire and effectively treat FSIAD.

How Long Does Addyi Last?

The question how long does addyi last depends on a number of factors. Firstly, it is important to build up a sufficient level of the medication for it to start working. One enough of the medication is present in the body, then how long does addyi last, can be from 18 - 24 months. It is important to take the medicine once a day, and no more. Addyi is designed for everyday use and these tablets affect brain chemistry by influencing the levels of neurotransmitters, as previously mentioned. This means that the medication may take a few weeks (three to four weeks, specifically) before results are evident. It has been stated that this therapeutic was not developed for on demand use.

The benefits, once observable, have been indicated as clinically significant with regard to improving sex drive. However, Addyi may not be for every woman. For the majority of females, this medication has been reported to be effective but there those who have not been responsive to treatment, according to flibanserin reviews. If there is no response after taking the pills for eight to twelve weeks, the therapeutic may not be for you.

It has also been suggested that the benefits of this medicine may be evident as long as the pills are being taken. There are cases of women using this treatment for up to eighteen months, with no withdrawal symptoms setting in after a discontinuation of treatment.

Addyi Dosage Guide

  • Addyi is intended for women who have a low libido as characterized by the female sexual dysfunction, FSIAD. This treatment is intended for regular use, specifically for once a day administration.
  • When it comes to how to use Addyi, it is advised that you take one Addyi pill, at bedtime. The medication is intended for oral administration.
  • The recommended flibanserin dosage is 100 mg per day but this may be adjusted for those who are co-administering CYP3A4 inhibitor medicines.
  • It is advised that you take Addyi at night as taking these pills during the daytime may increase your risk of hypertension (low blood pressure), syncope (intense daytime drowsiness) and accidental injury.
  • Women who are on Addyi treatment should wait at least two hours after taking this medicine before they consume alcohol; this is if the patient has consumed one to two standard alcoholic drinks. For those who have consumed three or more standard alcoholic drinks, it is best to skip the scheduled dosage and resume with treatment the following day.

Addyi Side Effects

The common flibanserin side effects reported in Addyi-treated patients were nausea, dizziness, fatigue and somnolence. The prevalence of these adverse events among the clinical trial patients were:

  • Nausea: 10.4% of patients receiving the medication, 3.9% of those given the placebo
  • Dizziness: 11.4% of patients receiving the medication, 2.2% of those given the placebo
  • Fatigue: 9.2% of patients receiving the medication, 5.5% of those given the placebo
  • Somnolence: 11.2% of patients receiving the medication, 2.9% of those given the placebo

The side effects of Addyi are often reported as being mild in severity and can disappear after using the medication regularly. These tablets can reduce blood pressure and this may make you feel lightheaded or dizzy. It is therefore, advisable to take this medicine at bedtime so as to minimize these secondary effects. If you are not already in bed, you should arise from a sitting or lying down position with caution as the light-headedness or dizziness can cause you to accidentally fall, causing injury.

You should also discontinue treatment in the event of an allergic reaction. This can be evident by the onset of a rash, hives or swelling of the mouth, tongue or lips.

Is it Safe to Buy Addyi Online?

Sexual dysfunction in women may be an uncomfortable topic to discuss and this is a possible reason for many women not seeking treatment. However, the number of women experiencing issues with their sexual health is significant; approximately around one in three middle aged women and one in two older women, according to the Sexual Advice Association.

The safety of online pharmacies has evolved as more and more people are using these platforms for acquiring information about a disease and disorder, and for buying medications as well. These days, internet pharmacies are developed and designed with special online safety software to protect the sensitive information supplied by a customer. Furthermore, they are easy to use and can take a matter of minutes to search for Addyi tablets , is addyi safe or the flibanserin price.

In addition to being safe, another factor that gears patients toward the use of online platforms for the purchase of medicines is the discretion offered by the service. For those with medical conditions, such as female sexual disorders, anonymity is an essential part of seeking treatment. Not many women are open to the idea of discussing the details of their sex lives with their partners, let alone with strangers.

You Can Buy a Addyi Alternative

You can buy an alternative to Addyi medication in the form of a generic formulation. Generics are specially formulated to be equivalent in efficacy to the branded form but at a reduced cost as the manufacturers are not held to the same testing and marketing standards as the manufactures of the brand name therapeutics. For those who are looking to buy Addyi, an online pharmacy may be the best option. In addition to the safety, privacy and ease of this service, patients are also privy to special online promotions which can further discount the cost of this medication.

Now that we have provided answers to the important questions, what is addyi, how to use Addyi and how long does addyi last as well as instructing you on where can you buy Addyi, all that is left is to do, is place your order. Buy Addyi online right here and take your love life to new levels.

Dr Sophia Miller
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Dr Sophia Miller

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