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Female Sexual Dysfunction

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  • Jun 24, 2021
Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction in women is simply any related problem that can occur, which puts a stop to experiencing satisfaction during sexual intercourse. Although this disorder is extremely common, most women do not like discussing it, because they usually feel embarrassed or even ashamed (and some may not be fully aware that it is a treatable disorder). Although this disorder can affect any woman at any age, it is more common in women who are over 40 years of age. This is because female sexual dysfunction is most often connected to declining health levels that usually come with getting older. Female sexual arousal disorder and hypoactive sexual desire disorder both also fall under the broader, more general term female sexual dysfunction.

What Is Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female sexual dysfunction, which is more commonly known as FSD, is the name of the disorder that encompasses the physical and mental problems that stand in the way of a woman being able to enjoy sexual intercourse. Sexual function usually involves 4 main steps in its process. These 4 steps are:

  • Motivation - which refers to the inclination to start or initiate sexual activities with your partner.
  • Arousal - this is when blood flow levels increase and flow faster to the genital areas to increase sensitivity as well as swelling. It also increases lubrication in the vaginal area as well. The mental or the internal part of this step in the process is having feelings and thoughts of excitement.
  • Orgasm - is when you reach the climax or sexual excitement and is usually felt in a physical way (tightening and contracting of muscles in the vaginal area).
  • Resolution - this is when the contracted muscles relax and you feel like your entire body has slackened and softened to a much more relaxed state.

If there is a disturbance in any of these phases, female sexual dysfunction can occur. Another common type of FSD is female sexual interest arousal disorder. This is when your body does not respond or react to sexual stimulation of any kind - whether it is genital or non-genital types of stimulation. It is also quite a common disorder, but it used to be treated as a separate condition. Recently, however, doctors have classed it under FSD.

Types Of Female Sexual Dysfunction

There are many different types of sexual dysfunction disorders and they can be classed into 4 main categories. These categories are:

  • Desire disorders - this is when you have little or no desire at all to have sex.
  • Arousal disorders - is when you are unable to become aroused or sexually excited during any sexual activities or by any type of stimulation (this can be either genital or non-genital stimulation).
  • Orgasm disorders - this is when there is a delay or even a lack of orgasm during sexual activities.
  • Pain disorders - is when you experience pain during sexual intercourse.

Although sexual dysfunction in women can make a person feel alone and isolated from everyone else, it is important to remember that many other women experience this disorder too. These different disorders can also influence and affect each other, which then causes the symptoms for FSD. If you do not feel or experience an orgasm during sexual intercourse, this can affect your desire to engage in sexual intercourse. If you feel pain during sexual activities, you may find it harder to feel excited about sex.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Statistics

Female sexual dysfunction is an extremely common disorder and it usually affects between 30% to 40% of all women at some point in their lives. According to a female sexual dysfunction forum, 1 in every 3 young to middle aged women will experience sexual problems or sexual disorders and approximately 1 in 2 older women will experience the same. There are many different treatment options to think about when overcoming female sexual dysfunction, and physical, mental and emotional elements all need to be examined. Cases have shown that having a lower sex drive (not wanting or needing to engage in sexual intercourse) can be caused by various physical, mental and emotional factors. Some of these factors can include:

  • Having problems in your relationship with your partner
  • Mental disorders such as depression, anxiety or panic disorders
  • Being tired all the time
  • Hormonal disorders

Female Sexual Dysfunction Treatment

In order to properly treat this disorder, you first need to have it properly diagnosed. You should see a specialist, specifically a female sexual dysfunction doctor, in order to best identify your disorder. Your doctor may require your full medical history, as well as your full sexual history. You can also easily evaluate your symptoms, to see if you could be affected by female sexual dysfunction. You may feel uncomfortable and embarrassed when talking about this topic; hence online doctors and pharmacies like ours help tremendously in this regard. You can also easily buy treatment without face-to-face interaction and through discreet, paperless processes.

A good way to treat this disorder is with flibanserin pills. These pills have been specially formulated to treat female sexual dysfunction. Flibanserin works by balancing out the natural chemicals produced in your brain, mainly dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin, which are also called neurotransmitters. If you have female sexual dysfunction, these neurotransmitters will be out of balance. Flibanserin reviews and studies prove that this medication works to balance out these chemicals by increasing dopamine and norepinephrine, whilst decreasing serotonin levels. You should take these pills once a day, before bed and it should be taken orally.

Buy Female Sexual Dysfunction Medicine

Many patients who have this disorder are choosing to buy flibanserin due to its success rate. Flibanserin tablets may be available at your local pharmacies, but can be purchased more conveniently through an online pharmacy like ours. We offer a regular supply and assist patients by ensuring low prices. By purchasing your medication from our online pharmacy, you automatically save up to 80% on standard pricing, because of long-term supplier agreements in place.

We have a team of professionals manning our customer support channels and managing our pharmaceutical operations. We can responsively assist with any queries and order placement, while our website is easy to navigate and order from. Beat sexual dysfunction buy ordering proven treatment, as per your required quantity and relevant treatment plan.

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