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Online medicine shopping provides customers with more convenience, more privacy and more savings. Of course, depending on the type of medicine you require and how quickly you need the drug, a local pharmacy is sometimes the best bet. When using an online drugstore, customers have access to a much wider selection of drugs and they are able to buy medicine online in bulk, which results in further savings. Medicine shopping can be expensive and many residents in the US are turning to Canadian online pharmacies, Mexican online pharmacies and Online pharmacies in India for better deals on generic brands of medicine which are sometimes not available in the USA due to patent laws and import restrictions.

At Wizz Pharmacy, we believe that everyone should have access to high quality medicine without needing to use an overseas drugstore. As a leading provider of medicine for both male and female sexual health we stock a wide range of products for dealing with the top three sexual dysfunctions in the USA which are erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE) and female sexual arousal disorder. Statistic indicates that being sexually unsatisfied is a leading cause for the breakdown of a sexual relationship, with male partners feeling deprived of their alpha male status while female partners are left sexually frustrated. Thankfully there are many generic and brand name drugs that couples can use to treat these common conditions.

Since we source all our medicine from high quality generic manufactures, we can offer you the best possible price. Each active ingredient listed below is found in a well-known brand and nowadays many other cheaper brands contain the exact same ingredients. Simply select an ingredient below to view a complete list of alternative brands which all work in the same way as the original branded version.