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Flibanserin Side Effects

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  • Jun 25, 2021
Flibanserin Side Effects

Addyi is a medicine used to treat sexual dysfunction. The tablet has numerous benefits linked to its use but similar to other medicinal treatments, it comes with the possibility of side effects. These side effects are referred to as tolerable auxiliary effects that can occur during treatment. Side effects are often looked at negatively however, they can sometimes be beneficial to the user. For example, this treatment can cause drowsiness, which can be helpful to women who have trouble sleeping.

Although average, mild flibanserin side effects should be acknowledged before treatment use and monitored during your treatment course, it should not determine whether you receive treatment or not. Experts advise patients to use flibanserin if they suffer from sexual dysfunction conditions such as female sexual arousal disorder, as it was designed explicitly for this purpose.

Flibanserin Side Effects vs FSIAD

Most patients who suffers from FSD often assumes that the condition is a mythical ailment that they are solely experiencing, however, this is not true. According to statistics, approximately 40% of women worldwide report difficulty achieving a satisfactory sexual experience. Flibanserin pills are considered arguably the quickest, most effective solution to sexual dysfunction. It is non-invasive, safe and works in harmony with normal body processes. However, like other treatments, this tablet comes with side effects.

Luckily, the side effects linked to the use of this tablet are less severe and occur in a very small portion of users. According to expert analysis, the tablet's benefits outweigh the possibility of flibanserin side effects, meaning patients can use the treatment without fear. In addition, the long-term effect of living with untreated FSIAD and dealing with FSIAD symptoms is far dire than the tolerable side effects that may occur during treatment. Thus, patients are urged to start and complete their recommended treatment plans.

Common Flibanserin Side Effects

Common side effects are adverse effects prevalent in most patients using this tablet. The effects have a mild expression and can sometimes disappear in just a few hours. Most patients who use this treatment to treat female sexual interest arousal disorder report that they experience common side effects the first few days after commencing treatment.

However, most of them are unbothered by the effects because they occur at night when they are asleep. This is because the pill is taken immediately before bedtime or sleep initiation. Common flibanserin side effects include:

  • Sleep difficulty
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Low Energy

Rare Flibanserin Side Effects

Rare side effects are adverse effects that do not occur frequently. They have probability rates of 1 in 100.000. They usually have a severe-very severe expression, which means that the effect experienced is completely intolerable and detrimental to the patient's overall health and condition.

Rare flibanserin side effects include:

  • Drastic decrease in blood pressure
  • Sudden loss of consciousness
  • Appendicitis

Rare side effects often occur because the active agent in the tablet interacts negatively with certain health conditions or medicines. Alternatively, they can occur because the patient is allergic to specific ingredients in the pill. Due to the severity of rare side effects, patients are urged to cross-reference their allergies, current medication list and health status with the contraindication/interaction list that comes with the tablet. By adhering to the precautions mentioned on this list, patients can avoid rare side effects and benefit from the positive impact the pill has on female sexual dysfunction.

How Long do Flibanserin Side Effects Last?

Each medicinal treatment on the market has different side effects linked to them. They are not a one-size-fits-all effect and produces a different expression across all patients. Side effects also last for different durations and often need to be thoroughly analyzed to understand the reason behind their appearance. Flibanserin side effects are no different as patient reports differ from one platform to another. However, the general consensus is that most side effects associated with the pill appear at the beginning of treatment plans and disappear within a day or two on their own.

The reason behind adverse effects that appear at the beginning of treatment plans is often pinpointed through its duration. Experts confirm that this signals a familiarization process. When the body is unfamiliar with the compound being introduced into the system, it can yield some adverse effects until it becomes accustomed to the compound. Flibanserin side effects that last longer than expected, or grow in intensity and present a severe expression are classed as rarer, more severe side effects. In this case, patients are asked to cease use of the treatment so the side effect can subside or seek medical attention if it is unbearable.

Will Everyone Experience Flibanserin Side Effects?

When we hear the word side effect, we naturally think of an overwhelming effect that can leave us debilitated or worse, however not all side effects are this severe. Side effects linked to Addyi are typically very mild and manageable. According to patient reviews, flibanserin side effects are not experienced by every patient. This is because each person has different tolerance levels, which are dictated by our body's composition. Differing body compositions also mean that no two experiences with the tablet are the same.

Some patients experience side effects that are prolonged and intense, while others experience side effects that are tolerable, manageable and short-lived. A pooled analysis of flibanserin reviews and data regarding adverse effects in users show a general trend of low side effect rates.

Buy Flibanserin & Avoid the Side Effects

Although Addyi is available in several physical pharmacies, the exorbitant price tag it carries and the lack of discreetness that comes with face-to-face interactions, discourage users from obtaining treatment. Sexual dysfunction in women is a sensitive issue, thus, patients lean towards inconspicuous ways of getting treatment, such as reliable online pharmacy platforms.

We are an online pharmacy website, approved and fully equipped to provide quality medications at low prices. The flibanserin price you will get on our site is substantially lower than retail outlets. In addition, our platform is completely virtual, which means patients will be able to remain completely faceless when making their secure purchase that can occur 24-7. When you buy flibanserin from our pharmacy, personal details entered onto the site are completely confidential and online customer support is available to assist at any time.

Patients who buy Addyi online will also be able to access additional product information resources 24 hours a day via our regularly updated site. Purchases are prescription free and can be made in the quantity required.

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