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Sildenafil Side Effects

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  • Jun 24, 2021
Sildenafil Side Effects

Although sildenafil has a long list of benefits and successes under its belt paired with applaudable safety statistics, patients still run the risk of experiencing mild side effects when using the treatment. Side effects are not an uncommon occurrence when it comes to any medicine however the seriousness of them dictates whether a patient uses a treatment or discards it.

Sildenafil citrate side effects are typically caused by the following:

  • Abrupt discontinuation of the treatment plan or drastic changes to doses or frequency can induce Viagra side effects
  • Side effects can also present themselves due to contraindications or interactions with other medication or illnesses
  • Patients who are taking erectile dysfunction medication for the first time are likely to experience side effects as their body becomes accustomed to the treatment
  • Adverse effects can also be an indication of an allergic reaction

A complete list of possible side effects and their causes can be found on enclosed leaflets or online pharmacy websites.

Sildenafil Side Effects vs Erection Problems

Most consumers believe that the current interest in sildenafil is solely due to media hype and the treatments association with sex. However, this is not true as the treatment has been gaining a significant following before publicization. The tablets effects can assist patients with the following erection problems:

  • The inability to achieve an erection after stimulation
  • Unable to maintain a rigid erection for the duration of sexual intercourse
  • Lack of firmness or rigidness of the penis
  • Inconsistent erections

According to experts, numerous studies and clinical trials undertaken involving erectile dysfunction patients during the two-decade duration the tablet was on the market showed that the benefits associated with the treatment far outweigh the possible risks (sildenafil side effects).

Common Sildenafil Side Effects

Like other medical treatments on the market, sildenafil use comes with the possibility of side effects. According to report analyses, the most common side effect is headaches. These headaches are usually mild/tolerable and often disappear on their own. Erectile dysfunction pills such as sildenafil widen blood vessels leading to the penis to encourage blood flow. These fluctuating blood flow rates cause headaches. Although this is considered a common side effect, trusted sources say that most men who use this treatment do not experience headaches at all.

Other common sildenafil side effects include:

  • Rash
  • Nausea
  • Flushing
  • Back pain
  • Dizziness
  • Muscle pain
  • Upset stomach
  • Blurred vision
  • Stuffy or runny nose
  • Abnormal vision (changes in color vision such as seeing a blue tinge)

Rare Sildenafil Side Effects

Uncommon/ rare sildenafil side effects are often caused by illegal substance/alcohol combinations or allergies. They typically have a severe expression which means that the side effect is intolerable and hard to manage. These side effects do not disappear on their own and usually require medical intervention. Patients are urged to stay away from using home remedies or OTC medication to alleviate these symptoms as it can increase the severity or intensity of the effect being experienced. Rare side effects include:

  • Fainting or irritability
  • Stroke, heart attack, or irregular heartbeat
  • Brief moments of decreased blood flow to parts of the brain
  • A numb mouth or feeling of tightening of the throat
  • Bleeding at the back of the retina, double vision, or reduced sharpness of vision
  • Abnormal sensation or swelling of the eye
  • Seeing small particles/spots, halos (rings of color) around lights
  • Pupil dilation, discoloration of the whites of the eye
  • Penile bleeding, blood in semen
  • Inner nose swelling or dry nose
  • Having trouble hearing or losing hearing completely

How Long do Sildenafil Side Effects Last?

Side effects are an adverse set of effects produced by a treatment. They are secondary to the beneficial or therapeutic effects. Although side effects are viewed negatively, there are some advantages to experiencing them. The most common being that they signal an allergy. The effects of a sildenafil dosage can last for up to 5 hours however side effect durations vary depending on the side effect being experienced. Below are approximate time frames linked to the side effects of this erectile dysfunction treatment.

  • Common: These sildenafil side effects can last from 1 hour to several days depending on various patient factors however their presence does not exceed 2 weeks.
  • Uncommon: The duration of these effects usually varies from 2 to 6 weeks if left untreated. These effects do not disappear on their own and require additional treatment.
  • Rare: These side effects do not have a specific time frame linked to them as they are considered severe/urgent.

If any of these side effects produce intolerable, severe expressions, treatment use must be discontinued, and a medical professional's assistance must be sought.

Will Everyone Experience Sildenafil Side Effects?

According to statistics, the world-famous Viagra generated approximately 500 million U.S. dollars in revenue in 2019 alone. However, sales have been steadily decreasing over the past 7 years due to the emergence of the brand's successor, generic Viagra (sildenafil). Sildenafil has been consuming the Viagra market over the years as its affordable price and effects have won most consumers over. The tablet comes with a host of benefits but similar to Viagra; it also comes with side effects. Sildenafil side effects are not experienced by every patient/user.

This is because each user is different and personal factors such as weight, height, underlying/current medical conditions, and more play a pivotal role in the induction of side effects. Medical experts state that less than 2% of men experience side effects when taking sildenafil. The most prevalent side effects come from the common side effect category.

Buy Sildenafil & Avoid the Side Effects

We have witnessed the effects and safety of sildenafil through numerous studies over the years. Online experts often reiterate that sildenafil side effects are easy to manage because they want patients to understand that the benefits of the tablet overshadow negative aspects such as side effects. Patients are encouraged to choose treatment over ignorance as living with ED can gravely impact the body and mind. If patients feel uncomfortable discussing their erectile issues in a physical pharmacy, they are urged to visit an online platform where privacy is guaranteed.

Due to the reduced supply line and overheads in an online pharmacy, patients who buy sildenafil will get the tablet at below retail price. Payments are made through encrypted channels online, and distribution is done using reliable services that deliver orders direct to the customers address of choice.

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