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Sildenafil Price

  • By: Dr Sophia Miller
  • Jun 24, 2021
Sildenafil Price

Sildenafil citrate is a member of the agents that are commonly used for erection problems. The medication can also treat pulmonary hypertension and SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction. In reality, this medication was first intended to treat chest pain and angina. When Viagra went generic in 2017, the sildenafil price has dropped to as little as $4 per pill. However, patients always voice their concerns about how effective generic treatments are. It should be noted that generic versions of Viagra have to go through rigorous processes before being approved.

These processes ensure that they contain the same active ingredient as Viagra, resulting in very few differences. The most noticeable difference between sildenafil and Viagra is their colors, as the generic is a white pill, whereas Viagra is blue.

The look of the tablet does not change how it works in the body or alter its effectiveness. While both generic and brand names are equally safe and effective, there is another key difference between the treatments: their prices. While Viagra costs around $60 to $70 a pill, the generic Viagra price ranges from $1 to $10 per pill, depending on the pharmaceutical manufacturer and strength. This can vary depending on supplier pricing, time of year, other factors and so on.

Viagra vs. Sildenafil Price

Viagra, the little blue pill, still reigns supreme in patients' treatment plans as the go-to erectile dysfunction medication. If one has ever searched for information about ED treatments, Viagra mentioned alongside a medication called sildenafil is the most prominent result. Although these tablets have different names, they both contain the same powerful active substance.

Viagra is a branded name that was invented and marketed by Pfizer. This company stumbled upon the treatment by mistake, as they found its active ingredient (sildenafil citrate) is more effective for increased erections than treating chest pain. In 1996, the medication was patented, and in two years, the giant was able to put its treatment through the wringer of clinical studies and trials, which is required to ensure a medication is safe. This is considerably quick, as most compounds take about a decade.

The Viagra price remained very high because it was the only prescription medication on the market for erectile dysfunction. According to statistics, Viagra remained at $58.72 a pill in the United States. This was until December 2017, when sildenafil was released. The sildenafil price is meager compared to Viagra as it did not go through intense marketing and clinical trials to prove its effectiveness. This low price allows all men with impotence to obtain affordable treatment with noteworthy effectiveness.

Sildenafil Price at Local Pharmacy

A common misconception about ED is that it only affects older men, however, men in their younger years can also experience symptoms of ED and other forms of sexual dysfunction. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the use of sildenafil skyrocketed among men aged 18 to 45. This translates to over 300%, from 1998 to 2002. Younger men are also using this erectile dysfunction treatment to manage sexual anxiety or performance issues. When this kind of demand exists, pharmaceutical giants in the United States will not resist the opportunity to increase their profits. This is why the sildenafil price is usually higher at a traditional pharmacy.

Even though this generic is cheaper than Viagra, it is still considered relatively pricey when purchasing it at a physical pharmacy. Apart from the high price, patients often feel too embarrassed to buy sexual dysfunction medications and avoid treatment altogether.

Sildenafil Price Online

Each year, the cost of prescriptions increases, and it seems like an ongoing trend that is here to stay. This has pushed individuals into looking for other options. This led to the growing popularity of online pharmacies. An online pharmacy is a dispensary that operates over the internet and sends orders through mail or shipping companies. It is common to notice that the sildenafil price is usually lower at an online pharmacy.

This is due to patients obtaining treatment straight from the manufacturer as the middle-man is eliminated. Additionally, buying erectile dysfunction medication online allows patients to get proper treatment without the anxiety of a physical pharmacy and unnecessary questions.

Why the Sildenafil Price Cheaper than Viagra

The sildenafil price is cheaper than Viagra because the generic did not have to prove its effectiveness to patients. Viagra already did this marketing. According to the FDA, there is no difference in the safety and efficacy of generic medications compared to the brand names. Since 2017, about 87% of all prescriptions filled in the US were for generic erectile dysfunction pills. This shows that generics have been working just fine to treat the condition over the last three to four years. The active component in both the generic and brand-name are the same, therefore, both medications will treat ED in the same way.

The only difference that concerns patients is the price. It is common knowledge that generics are usually cheaper than their branded counterpart, although they are pretty much the same. Patients save plenty of money when they opt for generics over brand names.

Best Sildenafil Price in the USA

Many patients wonder why their prescriptions are priced differently across various pharmacies. This is due to different benefit managers (PBMs) that discuss prices between the physical pharmacy and the manufacturers. Since there are different PBMs and various pharmacies, the prescription costs fluctuate. We are guaranteed to have the best price on erectile dysfunction medications compared to any other online pharmacies. If you find a better sildenafil price elsewhere, please let us know, so we can match whatever you have found.

View the Sildenafil Price Today!

Generic Viagra can be bought online for home delivery. However, patients must always do their research when searching for this medication online since Viagra is one of the most in-demand medications in the world. Avoid buying generics from disreputable international sites as these platforms conform to uncertain manufacturing and supply standards. It is vital to choose sites and trustworthy online pharmacies like ours, which guarantee the supply of FDA approved medication - including cheaper approved generics.

Our sildenafil pills are high-quality and do not contain any toxic or undisclosed chemicals. For the best the sildenafil price in the USA, check out our sildenafil range!

Dr Sophia Miller
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Dr Sophia Miller

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