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Sildenafil for Sale

  • By: Dr Sophia Miller
  • Jun 24, 2021
Sildenafil for Sale

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a prevalent condition affecting about 30 million adult males in the United States. Although it is common, it is not a normal part of aging and requires immediate treatment. Various risk factors contribute to the condition, including diabetes to excessive tobacco use. ED is one of the most common male sexual dysfunctions, however, talking about the condition is often condemned. Men are perceived like they are always confident in bed and always up for a sexual activity. The reality is different, and as a result of this unshakable stigmatization, these men are terrified of being ridiculed and avoid treatment as a whole.

However, with the openness of the popular ED tablet, sildenafil, more and more men are becoming comfortable purchasing the medication online. They would often find sildenafil for sale online, on websites such as ours. Easy-to-understand information tabs, user-friendly systems, and highly-protected services are only the tip of the iceberg when purchasing generic Viagra for sale from an online pharmacy.

Men do not have to suffer in silence about their condition with the innovation of online pharmacies. While treating their condition, they also save money, as online pharmacies usually have generic medications, such as sildenafil, for a lower price than local pharmacies. If you are looking for answers to common questions like; How to buy sildenafil citrate safely? Where to buy sildenafil citrate in generic forms? Or How much does generic sildenafil citrate cost? Read ahead to find out more.

Is Sildenafil for Sale for Less than Viagra?

Viagra's creators, Pfizer, initially discovered the medication in 1989 while looking for an effective treatment for angina and chest pains. However, the most interesting side effect was increased erections. The substance was patented in 1996. It was then approved for the treatment of ED in the United States in 1998. It was the 217th most commonly prescribed tablet in the US, with more than 2 million purchases.

At this time, it was the only erectile dysfunction medication that treated ED with a seamless effectiveness rate. This is why Viagra remained at a high price due to the ever-growing demand. However, in 2017, Pfizer approved other pharmaceutical companies to produce generics, such as sildenafil. Sildenafil is for sale for less than Viagra because it is a generic version. 

Although it contains the same active ingredient and is bioequivalent to Viagra, this version is cheaper than the brand name. This is due to Viagra already doing all the necessary clinical trials and marketing, therefore, sildenafil does not require to undergo this wringer again. As generic manufacturers avoid the initial research and development costs, generic sildenafil citrate cost a lot less.

Sildenafil for Sale at Your Local Pharmacy

Sildenafil is for sale at your local pharmacy, but it may be more expensive than at an online pharmacy. Although the generic is usually cost-friendly, physical pharmacies may still price them considerably higher than an online pharmacy. One of the main reasons behind this is the lack of price regulation. At the basic level, the medication manufacturers control the prices American patients have to pay when it comes to their treatments. While the FDA only controls how new treatments are tested, marketed, and released on the market, they have no control over its price.

Another reason is the pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) who are responsible for price negotiations with physical pharmacies. This becomes the middlemen that profits off unreasonable pricing on medications. It becomes a meandering supply chain that affects a patient's bottom line at the end. As a result, some patients will not be able to purchase the medication at a physical pharmacy. This is yet another motive why patients choose to avoid treatment and put a strain on their relationships and sex lives.

Sildenafil for Sale Online for Cheaper

Generic treatments usually cost up to 85% less on average while offering the same therapeutic effects as its brand name. Although patients might be skeptical of such a price drop, there is a simple explanation why. Sildenafil is for sale online for cheaper because medication pricing must become more competitive due to other pharmaceutical companies producing the same medication. This results in the medications getting discounted more often than usual.

When a patient uses a virtual pharmacy to buy sildenafil, they can often fill a 90-day supply of the medication at the same price of a 30-day supply. This means that the patient can access three times of their medication at the same price. Therefore, they are saving money and time while using high-quality ED medication. Cost-friendly prices coupled with remaining anonymous allows more men to come forward and open up about obtaining treatment for ED.

Sildenafil for Sale in the USA

Sildenafil is for sale all over the USA due to the growing demand for men who require effective treatment for ED. Since the condition affects all age groups, the demand for the medication is continuously increasing. To keep up with this demand, the supply also has to increase, and with competitive pricing, the medication is always on sale. Erectile dysfunction can affect any male in some part of their life. Since Viagra was the only treatment available for two decades, which was unreasonably priced, most men opted for natural remedies to help their ED.

However, these remedies were not effective. With the release of sildenafil at discounted prices, the demand for ED treatments was met. All men with erection problems gained affordable and effective treatment at the click of a button.

Where to Buy Sildenafil Citrate in Generic Forms

Generic medications are often considered to be substandard or "knock-offs," but this could not be further from the truth. Generics are regulated by the Office of Generic Drugs, a branch of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This means that they must meet the same strict standards as brand-name medications in terms of active ingredients, dosage form and amount. Even though it is the same as the innovator medication, people can find generic sildenafil citrate for sale at much more affordable rates.

People can buy generic sildenafil citrate online that cannot be found in pharmacies. This is due to exclusivity agreements and deals by major pharmaceutical producers, such as Pfizer, the maker of Viagra. These agreements give Pfizer the exclusive right to sell this medication in certain markets for a certain period of time. Once the exclusivity agreement expires, other companies can start selling generic versions of the medication.

Companies will often pay generic manufacturers to stay out of their primary markets, allowing them to maintain a monopoly on their products even when the patent has expired. This is known as "pay-for-delay" and it is a practice that has been criticized by regulators and consumer advocates. This is because it restricts peoples access to affordable alternatives, making them pay a premium sildenafil citrate price.

If you are considering buying generic sildenafil citrate online, make sure the online pharmacy has a customer services team who respond to your messages or phone calls. Additionally, look out for a review section on the website which allows customers to publish their accounts of their experiences using the medications and dealing with the pharmacy.

How to Buy Sildenafil Citrate Prescription Free?

We understand that 19% of sales in the modern world take place online. Our website makes it easy to purchase medications and have them mailed to your home. Our website is laid out similarly to other e-commerce websites. You can buy sildenafil citrate online by adding it to your cart, reviewing your order and confirming it before making a secure payment by Visa or MasterCard. Our website is protected with 128-bit encryption and we also accept Bitcoin for those who prefer to pay using crypto.

Our sildenafil citrate cost a lot less than our competitors, and we also allow people to order without a prescription. We have a team of experienced customer services agents who can help you should you have any questions. They are available through live chat, hotline and email 24/7, and are available all year round to answer your queries.

Wide Range of Sildenafil for Sale Here

Our online pharmacy prides itself in stocking only the highest quality of medications at the best price, making it accessible to all US patients. People can find sildenafil citrate for sale in multiple dosage forms, including oral jellies and soft chewable tablets. If patients do not wish to buy Viagra, we have a wide variety of Viagra alternatives for sale, so they can choose which treatment fits them best. 

Our best-selling medication is sildenafil, which is closely related to Viagra in all aspects of its safety, side effects, and efficacy. We have a wide range of sildenafil for sale, as these tablets are available in different strengths - from 25 mg - 100 mg. The standard, effective dose is 50 mg, but this can be elevated to 100 mg or dropped to 25 mg, based on patient response.

Men with ED can buy sildenafil today privately, as getting sexual health treatment is stamped as an 'embarrassing act'. However, with the medication being available on our website, men can debunk this opinion and create a safe space for obtaining sildenafil.

Dr Sophia Miller
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Dr Sophia Miller

Dr Sophia Miller was born in New York City, USA. As a young woman, she was always interested in science, specifically; chemistry and she was determined to pursue a career in the field.

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