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Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

  • By: Dr Sophia Miller
  • Jun 22, 2021
Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Symptom identification is an integral part of successful treatment outcomes. It is used to create structured treatment plans that eradicate issues such as sexual dysfunction holistically. Sexual dysfunction is a condition that affects both the male and female population. One of the most common conditions in this category is erectile dysfunction (ED) which only affects men. This condition is characterized by persistent erection issues that involve the person's inability to achieve and maintain an erection that is adequate enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Unlike other disorders that have a single cause behind them paired with symptoms that fall in either the physical or mental category, ED is different. Many men often asked what are erectile dysfunction symptoms and how do they occur? Research suggests that ED can be caused by several issues and often presents multiple symptoms that can have either a physical, psychological or mixed (both mental and physical) origin.

The primary erectile dysfunction symptoms are:

  • Lack of interest in sex or sexual desire
  • Inability to achieve an erection through standard stimulation practices
  • Failure to maintain a rigid erection throughout the duration of sexual intercourse

These symptoms are typically experienced by all patients who have ED. Symptoms can have a mild to severe expression and last for varying amounts of time, depending on the severity of the condition. The difference in symptom duration or expression does not mean that treatment is optional in mild cases. All patients with erection problems are strongly encouraged to start and complete treatment plans to eliminate the symptoms successfully.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms?

Similar to other processes in the human body, sexual arousal is complex and sometimes impossible to understand. When people ask what are the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, what is understood is onset causes tend to involve the two main parts of our being, the body and mind. The body and mind work harmoniously to set the basics of sex in motion. In men, stimulation causes arousal, which induces an erection that is used in penetrative sexual intercourse. If one of these processes is flawed, it can cause hormones, blood vessels, and muscles to work abnormally, leading to the absence of arousal and an erection. This is referred to as erectile dysfunction (ED).

The reason behind erectile dysfunction symptoms can be mentally or physically based. Below are some common signs and symptoms of erectile dysfunction:


  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Low testosterone
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Peyronie's or parkinson's disease
  • Sleep disorders such as insomnia
  • High cholesterol or blood pressure
  • Clogged blood vessels (atherosclerosis)
  • Prostate cancer or enlarged prostate treatments
  • Surgeries/injuries which affect the spinal cord or pelvic area
  • Tobacco use, alcoholism and other forms of substance abuse


  • Stress, depression or anxiety
  • Relationship issues caused by stress, poor communication and/or other concerns

A significant link that connects multiple impotence cases is poor blood circulation to the penile tissue and throughout the body. Poor circulation to the penile tissue tends to weaken pelvic floor muscles and narrows blood vessels, causing men the inability to get an erection. In many situations, men also have trouble maintaining an erection long enough to achieve satisfying sex. Thankfully, regardless of how severe symptoms may be, they are treatable with medication and modifying certain lifestyle habits.

Physical Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction are negative features that typically present themselves when the body is under stress from an illness. It causes mild to severe discomfort that can be debilitating in some cases. Physical symptoms are symptoms that can be seen and felt. They present visible markers that can be easily identified at a glance. There are several physical markers associated with ED. These symptoms usually start mildly and escalate as time goes on if the condition is left untreated. 

Below is a list of physical erectile dysfunction symptoms, which include:

  • Erections are not experienced in the morning or during the night
  • Erections are not constant/maintained during intercourse
  • An erection cannot be achieved with sexual stimulation such as foreplay, self-pleasure/masturbation

The physical symptoms of impotence generally relate to poor arterial health and blood circulation to the penis before or during sexual interactions. It is also important for people to be aware that symptoms of physical sexual dysfunction may indicate underlying health issues and should be addressed early. Erectile dysfunction pills are the easiest and most efficient way to combat these symptoms without disrupting the body's natural/normal processes.

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Psychological symptoms of erectile dysfunction involve the mental psyche, more commonly referred to as aspects dealing with the brain. These symptoms are caused by the brain's inability to communicate with the penis properly. This leads to a weak erection that is not viable for sex, no erection at all or fluctuating erections that spontaneously lose and gain rigidity.

These erectile dysfunction symptoms are usually linked to issues with the nervous or circulatory system, which is responsible for delivering regulated amounts of blood to the penis. ED that stems from psychological causes can be identified through the presence of the following:

  • A successful erection can sometimes be formed via masturbation or foreplay
  • Erection issues are irregular (they come and go)
  • Erections occur at night/early morning

Most patients who experience these symptoms believe that their ED is a temporary issue that can cause no long-term harm however, this is not true. If a person suffers from any of the above problems for more than a month or 8 sexual attempts, erectile dysfunction treatment is needed. Along with medication, people facing sexual performances issues related to psychological health can find resolve by speaking with a mental health specialist. Doing so helps men understand the triggers of sexual dysfunction to find the right course of treatment.

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

If you have ever wondered what are symptoms of erectile dysfunction in relation to diabetes, here is what studies have indicated. The connection between diabetes and ED can be seen in the circulatory and nervous system. Studies reveal that type 2 diabetes can cause patients to lose sensitivity in specific parts of their body, including the penile area. 

Studies indicate the reason for this is due to decreased insulin production, which leads to poorly regulated blood sugar levels. Fluctuating blood sugar levels can harm small blood vessels and nerves. This includes nerves that control sexual stimulation / responses, which ultimately affect a man's ability to achieve or maintain an erection strong enough to engage in sexual intercourse.

Damaged blood vessels also significantly reduce the blood flow, which impedes erections. Studies show that men who have diabetes are 2 to 3 times more likely to develop ED. The cause of erectile dysfunction symptoms in men that are 45 years and under is also often attributed to type 2 diabetes. Due to this, diabetes is listed as one of the common erectile dysfunction causes.

Before You Buy Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

There are many important aspects as well as medication to consider when setting up an effective treatment plan, so to help readers do so, here are some helpful tips. Lifestyle habits play a key role in how healthy sexual function and health is and maintaining balance is essential. Research indicates that foods like salmon, leafy greens, citrus fruits and dark chocolate are packed with nitrates and folic acid, which are good for blood pressure and sexual function.

Along with balanced nutrition, staying well hydrated is also an essential part of good sexual function. Drinking at least 2 - 4 liters of water daily ensure the muscles, organs and blood vessels are function well. Staying active and getting the heart pumping with moderate aerobic exercises and strength training can help to. For a less intense approach, men can opt for Kegels exercises, Pilates and Yoga to strengthen pelvic floor muscles and promote healthy penile blood flow.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Want to know how you can accelerate your sexual performance with ease? If so, you are in the right place. Symptoms of erectile dysfunction can be efficiently managed with non-invasive treatments such as traditional tablets or pill, soft gels or effervescent tablets. One of the most effective ED treatment options is Viagra, also known as sildenafil. These treatments can be purchased from online pharmacy stores such as ours, which provide the utmost discretion. Our buying process is completely virtual, so shoppers can complete purchases at home in total privacy.

Professional advice can be obtained via our live chat option or our on-site information libraries regarding all erectile dysfunction symptoms and treatment options available. This means that you will have free access to authentic treatments and expert derived information about erectile dysfunction symptoms and administration practices, which will ultimately help you achieve better treatment outcomes. 

When you buy erectile dysfunction medication from our secure online platform, you are rewarded with further discounts on purchases when buying medications in bulk. To make sure you know where your order is at all times, when you have completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation of payment by email that also contains a unique tracking code, the estimated delivery date and a discreet descriptor name on your financial statement.

Buying prescription free sexual dysfunctions medications at our website is stress free, completely private and comes with fast home delivery across the globe. Order now to enhance more than just your sex life.

Dr Sophia Miller
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